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Are you taller than your parents?

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I'm taller than my mom and dad. My neck is what makes me be taller than my father.

Yep, I'm the tallest in my family. My parents are about 1-2 inches shorter than me.

Not even close.  I’m actually one of the shortest members of my family, embarrassingly enough.

I'm shorter than both of them. My dad is 5'9" my mom is 5'7" and I stack up at 5'4" My brother is 6' and my sister is 5'5" So we're all over the map as far as height goes. I'm not sure how the genes get distributed but I got the short end of things. 

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I'm taller than both of them, and my brother. I'm (6'2/189cm) taller than literally everyone on my father's side of the family (the tallest was my late grandfather, who was 6ft/183cm) but shorter than all of the males on my mother's side (my uncle is 6'10/208, his father is 6'4/196, his father was 6'7/202cm).

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Depends. I’m taller than my mom but my dad is 6ft. So I’m this case I’m not taller than both of them.

However if I’m wearing my platform boots I’m taller than my dad. So in that case I’m taller than both of them.

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Yes, by a few inches. I'm 6'2"; I don't know exactly how tall my mom was, but my dad is 5'6" now (he has lost two or three inches with age). I inherited my height from my grandfathers, both of whom were over 6'.

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