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Searching Faster Than Light [OOC]

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That's right, I'm hosting another one. 

This one's going to be a crossover with the game FTL, if you don't know what that is...

Then you'd be perfect for this RP

I'm looking for players who'll take on the role of those sent by Celestia to investigate something that fell from the sky into the mild west, I have a few character types in mind, but this is not an exclusive list: 

Any or all of the mane six.

The new guard captain who wants to please Celestia. 

The excited diplomat who's always believed in aliens. 

The disgruntled lieutenant who was passed up for promotion, and thus wants to undermine the captain. 

Again, not an exclusive list, but the archetypes above are fairly open, anyone Celestia would reasonably send out is invited. 

Now the premise: 

The mane six are in Dodge JCT for whatever reason, it's importance rendered irrelevant by the giant fireball in the night sky which seems to be headed right for the town, soon all the inhabitants are awoken by the roaring sound it makes, those that are not fleeing in every direction stand in mute horror of the thing that falls. 

However, the course of the fireball shifts, with a great groaning sound it starts to angle to the east, and as the fire dissipates from the glowing metal it becomes more visible, a shape, one with hard straight lines, it cuts through the air like a sword as the ground starts to rumble, passing over the town faster than anything they'd seen before. 

As quick as it had appeared, it began to shrink into the horizon, a resounding crash their first indication that it had landed, the second being the slowly growing pillar of smoke in the distance. 

Player start: Twilight rounds up the others to go investigate immediately, setting off into the mild west, unknowingly accompanied by the cmc.

Luna alerted Celestia as soon as the craft entered the atmosphere, Celestia then immediately roused the local guard to investigate, and included the rest of the players via urgent message in the middle of the night to travel immediately to investigate. 


This is still in planning, so any feedback is appreciated. 

Good luck!

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