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(It may be the ask a pony forum, but technically Tura is a griffon :P )

Well, nopony knows who Tura is, so let me explain:


I'm writing a fanfic, and she's a major character. The greatest areal fighter to ever fly, she unofficially takes in Gilda as her protege in the Avian military. Avia is currently under the tyrannical rule of Krugen, and is on the verge of war with Equestria.


I'll assume the time period is exactly where I've published up to in my fanfic.




You can ask anything, which I'll just assume is a reporter asking.

Or, you can add a note saying [asking as: character] and I'll write the response as if Tura is responding to that character, or better yet, I'll even let you set up a situation. Just describe a situation and I'll have Tura respond, there.

Otherwise, situation and character will default to what I've written below.

Try asking as Tura, and I'll answer as if she's replying to a thought in her head.


oh, and anything [in brackets] is OOC.


Please ask! Don't be afraid of anything - unless it's inappropriate - even ask about the weather, if you like, remember this is sort of an RP where you're reporters, and she's going to act realistically, so you could even play around with her a little (she might get a bit ticked if you ask about the weather three times).


But you'll get the most out of questions about Gilda, Avia, the Wonderbolts, Equestria, Celestia/Luna, Rainbow Dash, any of the Mane 6, etc. etc.


So, let's dive into character...

Dive! Dive! Dive!

In-character begins here




Tura sat uncomfortably in a desk. An ace aerial combat killer, the best to ever fly, this griffon was never comfortable in anything sitting, especially not a desk. But even she wouldn't question direct orders from above. Avia wanted her to do this little press release; what does it matter, anyways? The press will just edit the heck outta whatever I say anyways. I could say anything. Doesn't matter. As long as I don't say anything they don't like.

"Shoot." she said.

Edited by EASA - Matt
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