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Has Fluttershy become the bravest of the Mane Six?

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Her fear of dragons has suddenly vanished, and she managed to stand up to Garble in that episode. By the looks of it, it seems like the shy member of the Mane Six has now developed to be the bravest!

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She's been the bravest for a long time, ever since Dragonshy. The best examples of bravery aren't those who aren't afraid, but those who are, and yet are capable of standing up to do things anyway. Fluttershy has repeatedly fought against her fears again and again to do either what she wants to do, or what she needs to do, she's one brave mare.:squee:

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As @BastementSparkle said, She's always been brave since Season 1. I would argue since the first season 2 parter when she went into the scary Everfree Forest with the rest of the Mane 6 to find the Elements of Harmony.

Again, as mentioned above, being brave doesn't mean being fearless, it means doing something DESPITE being scared, which Fluttershy did since the day we as the audience and Twilight Sparkle first met her, if not earlier.

I feel we've had this lesson about bravery several times already.

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This is the part of Flutts that I despise as it demeans her as a thinking creature. Who here is old enough to remember the cartoon cancer named Scrappy? There is a difference between bravery and stupidity, and an even greater difference between them and issues peddling. Try and replicate this attitude in front of a dragon that is not chained down by unreasonable beliefs our glorious writers have when it comes to bullies. They'd be like: "Are you seriously screaming at me? I am fire! I am death!" [Smug Dragon Maid just pwned Fluttershy and is now godlike]



I have nothing against the acts of bravery as long as they are tied to the actions of the character in question and not to the divinely forced inaction of their opponents.

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No, I still think Rainbow Dash is braver. It's in her character after all.

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