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Back again!

Syannax the Changeling

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Found the fourms 5 years ago. Joined and poofed. Now back for... more... PONIES!!!

How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Now i know i've said this once before. 5 years ago.

But i'll say it again in a much more fantasy style


Once upon a time... five years ago. A friend of mine that i've known for a few years randomly came to me, one night after a long days work. And he said that he thinks I will like the show. Ofcourse for any guy out there they will be confused even, maybe, slightly.... okay really weird. Now we are talking back when season 2 and 3 where out and i think 4 was running.... anyways! He told me about it. I was weired it out. And eventually checked it out. Starting with my first episode in November 2013. And then everything changed. My outlook on life, how i showed my self to the world in a much more uplifting setting an manner. Forever changed i was indeed, then in late 2014 almost 2015 i had made a few friends on here. And we moved on to skype and then discord, creating a family bond between eachother. Creating epic roleplays, that would of likely gotten us hushed up on here. For we roleplayed in grimdark, much like Fallout Equestria Project Horizons. And detail like the wheel of time series. But eventually we get busy, and i moved on to be a semi driver. And they all too moved on and we still talk. But no longer roleplay the way we use to.


And so now. I am back mwhahaha :umad: *Coughcoughcough* I mean hahaha! 


That and to make friends, maybe roleplay at a slower pace since i have little time now adays.


Thank you all!

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Hi and welcome back to the forums Syannax. (I can only guess at how that's pronounced :o)

Come on in and stay a while. I look forward to seeing you around the place. post-25189-0-33094200-1412626540.png

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