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Planning Final Fantasy: Equestria.

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Currently planning out a Final Fantasy esk Roleplay set in Equestria with Equestria themed monsters and maybe some artistic liberties from the Final Fantasy games. I'm thinking of at most 8 players the very least to get started is 3 or 4 players. I am thinking of it also being it being in the Era of like FF7 or FF12.

To be in the Roleplay, you must post here to say your interested and have sent me directly, a Character you wish to use in the roleplay. Extra points for backstory.  Even more so if you make it really good and fits into a Final Fantasy style back ground.

Any suggestions? Post here or Directly Message me.


WARNING Content of this roleplay will be considered Grimdark as it will have violence, alcohol, innuendos in small doses, references in a TV-13 friendly style to stay friendlg for the kids in our roleplay and any who would stumble on it.


My rules.

1. Don't be a pain in the flank.

Really, it is better for you to not be a pain.

2. Absolutely no OPness at the start of the roleplay.

Trust me, it is a lot better when you build up your character to the OPness level of a God/ess.

3. In combat there will be a turn base system like the old FF games.

You are free to do anything within reason. I may have you even roll dice from time to time. Or i might just to make it interesting. Also, don't worry if you don't own any dice at all. I'll have a Discord link for the group just for rolling dice. And the dice will be used if we question how feasible an action is. So really a limited amount of it would be used.

4. Be fair for damage and modest for injuries in IC.

Simple really. I won't directly state that player 1 takes a hit. I will say, however, that monster A takes a swing at player 1. This way it makes it interesting and adds to your post. I love details! Just not too much to break the rating :P

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Since it seems to not be getting much attention :P i'll bump this up. If no one is interested in a couple weeks. Then i'll pick something else to offer.

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