Why are rainbows used to symbolize LGBT?

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Most likely, it is to show acceptance across the spectrum, just like the many colors. The colors might all be different, but we are all part of the same spectrum of colors, or the human race. That's my guess.

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Rainbows give a sense of inclusion and acceptance, to people of all kinds, whether straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and et cetera. I think the symbol is a very good representation of the community as a whole, with how diverse of a community it really is.

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I just had to thing about the letters, imaging with a rainbow right near it. A thought occurred, what if each color within the rainbow accounts for one of the many sexualities possible?

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It's meant to be a symbol of pride for the community as a whole, there used to be more colours but it was revamped because some of the dyes weren't available at the time.  The original colours were:

Hot pink= Sex

Red= Life

Orange= Healing

Yellow= Sunlight

Green= Nature

Turquoise= Magic/ art

Indigo= Serenity

Violet= Spirit

The LGBT movement used to use the pink triangle but a few people suggested finding a new symbol for us.  There is a lot of stigma that comes with using the pink triangle since that was use to identify gay people in concentration camps.  Sometimes you still see people use the pink triangle but it's not as recognizable as the rainbow flag is.

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