Crossover FiMTech part one - A BattleTech crossover

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This is the main story that I've been working on, and I finished re-writing the early chapters recently as the quality wasn't quite on par with my more recent writing. I tried mixing in a few humorous scenes to keep the fic from being too dark, but it's still not exactly a happy story. There isn't much fighting until the last few chapters, but hopefully that's not too disappointing. It's almost 85k words long, and parts two and three are going to be about the same, so keep that in mind if large reads aren't your thing.

Anyway, here's the synopsis from FiMFic.


A young colt named Sundance is cruelly stolen from his home by the military while the rest of his town is slaughtered, and is raised with many other foals to fight in the Clan Civil War. Upon reaching twelve years of age he is moved to the Sibko with the other freeborn cadets from his home town where they train to become MechWarriors. However; things are changing in Clan Draconequus, and these young soldiers will soon see the worst ponykind has to offer.

Meanwhile, tension is brewing in Equestria, hundreds of light years away. Discord’s anger at the loss of his friend to the Clan Invasion has reached its breaking point, but his weakening powers leave him unable to seek out the revenge he desires. Fueled by half a century of boiling hatred and a stinging betrayal, Discord will stop at nothing to sate his now twisted thirst for justice.


I think it's fine to post this here as long as I don't link directly to the story, but someone let me know if it's not and I'll edit the post. It's rated M, so you'll need to turn off the maturity filter on Fimfiction to view the story. My account is linked in my signature here, so you can find it from there.

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