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Hi there :)

Kaili Butts

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Welcome to the forums, have a funnerific time here, bro(ny)!


I don't think you could love and tolerate me...


I love and tolerate you, and since I'm the most competent entity in existence at present time, others should follow by example and do likewise.


Also hello to the OP, we do have females on this forum too, CONTRARY to popular belief. Anyways, I wish for you a lot of pony pic spamming the best of times on these forums.

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I hope i can love & tolerate everyone here


No, your only allowed to love & tolerate *some* of the people here /sarcasm

Welcome to the forums :wub:

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Howdy Pegasister (or brony if you perfer)

Welcome to the forums, its great here. All the ponyfolk are tolerable so don't fret 'bout that part. Have fun an see ya around partner

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