Somewhat of a "blast from the past"

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This is an older fic that some longer users who were here in 2014 may remember, but I just wanted to recommend it to anyone interested in AUs and NextGen type stuff since this definatley counts as that. I personally love this story and the universe it takes place in.

The Description reads "Fuzzy, blurry patches of color. That's all I can see. I wouldn't even call it "seeing". It's quite sad to be honest. Being pretty much blind makes me feel so helpless sometimes. My parents must've thought I was pretty helpless too for them to leave me. I think everyone thinks I'm helpless to some extent. I was so sheltered during my life at the orphanage. I admit, it was nice being taken care of and knowing that I was safe. But I wanted to be more than that filly who would just stay in her room all day, waiting for something interesting to happen in her life. I wanted to take action and prove I was anything but helpless. That lead me to do something no one saw coming..." Kind of long, but I suppose that's exactly what it's about. 

Helpless -By Kilala

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