analysis Why Some Have A Problem With Sparity Spike & Rarity? & What's The Endgame For Sparity In This Series

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These are two very good questions, espeically when it comes too, (with all due respect) #GoldenFox and #MisAnthroPony, and their thoughts on it.

So here I discuss this topic and try to answer these two questions

Comments are Welcomed

#MLPSeason9 #Sparity #RarityxSpike #SpikexRarity #RaritySpike #SpikeRarity #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic


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The bulk of the dislike of this pairing is pretty obvious: Spike has always been referred to as a "baby" dragon and is chronologically around the same age (or perhaps slightly younger) than Rarity's own sister. Of course, that's hard to take seriously because his personality is such that he seems much more mature than any of the Crusaders. He's certainly mature enough to run Twilight's entire household for her.

As for the endgame, sadly, I think what we've seen is what we'll get. There'll be no Happily Ever After by the end of the series. As it is they've shied very much away from having any major character enter a serious relationship (closest they've come is with Big Mac and Sugar Belle) and given some negative reaction I don't think they're likely to change.

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