Roleplay World Update - Equestrian Empire Yeet!

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Okay before you all panic 




There, now that I hopefully saved you an anxiety moment, the RP team is starting to commence on a full rework of Equestrian Empire. For those that don't know, the two main RP Sections are Everfree and Equestrian Empire (informally abbreviated EqE). Everfree is the standard RP system here, with a more open framework of roleplays you can conduct. EqE is a different experience. 


In general Equestrian Empire is built around the framework that the roleplays and interactions within it are designed to feel as if they could happen on the show within the show's proper canon. Most of the rules and system were built with that in mind. However, over the years the barrier to entry and fun may have been too overwhelming for most, and technical limitations made it hard to manage for staff and users. The idea and concept is solid though, and the World Cup event is proof positive how much fun can be had in a canon RP environment. So we we are rolling up our sleeves and starting on the redesign of Equestrian Empire with a focus on making it easier to jump in, have fun, more immersive, organized, and not a nightmare to maintain. I am always hesitant to share details because things have been promised before and not delivered, but along with streamlined process these are the features that are being implemented currently


  • New Canon Character / OC Application System 
  • Canon Character NPC System
  • Event RP's planned and DM'd by staff
  • New RP Staff roles
  • Addition of villain characters
  • A renewed focus on Adventure RP's as well as the traditional SoL
  • Robust and user editable RP Lore and Beasiary 
  • A more eye pleasing and organized layout for the location based RP
  • More DM based controls over your RP and OOC Topics
  • A new use for the Awards system to allow the acquisition and use of artifacts in an RP
  • A bit more than I am willing to mention. 


In order to prepare for setting this up the right way, and considering that EqE is practically without any activity, that entire RP section for it will be closed effective tomorrow. We will be considering migrating existing and more active RP's into the new system, so if you have a favorite in there, let me know. 


Pony on!

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Excited! EqE has always been more stringent and closer by the book, but that also has always appealed to me. So EvE characters won't quite be the same when converted, oh well, still fun as long as the creator is willing to work with staff

Hopefully some of these features come to EvE as well, and I'm totally ready to convert myself into an active EqE again

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Also excited here aswell! I hope to even play canon villains within the Equestrian Empire at some point.

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