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Had this story idea for a Daring do fic


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A Daring Do story that is a combination of the 2009 Pixar movie "UP!" and the 1947 book, "The Twenty One Balloons" by William Pène du Bois (the Design of Daring and company's balloon and a volcano with a ridiculous amount of Diamonds). The Basic premise being that Daring and a companion embark on an expedition into a far off and treacherous land beyond Equestria. Initially, intended a scientific and cartographic mission to map out and document the region, the expedition turns into a race to find a legendary artifact and treasure.after Daring encounters a long lost Griffon explorer and childhood hero hiding out with his airship in this forsaken land. Having lost his mind due to spending years trying to find said treasure and from the trauma of losing one of his wings trying to find it. His determination to find it having grown into an obsession of homicidal proportions. He however, isn't alone and has formed an alliance with a large group of Diamond dogs who have also gotten lost in this region trying to look for diamonds, which they heard, this region was rich in quantities of.

In short, the Villain is essentially modeled after Charles Muntz, the antagonist of the movie "UP". Though in this case, his motives are more in line with the greedy nature of Griffons and here, he had a griffon crew originally before he had the diamond dogs taking their place. having lost his crew while trying to find the artifact/treasure and having murdered the last remaining three out of paranoia in his compromised mental state. Like muntz he would appear as a friendly face at first, but any wrong move and any wrong word, he darker side will surface. and that's where you run.

Another thing here would also be the fact that despite being partners, A rift is slowly forming between the Griffon and the diamond dogs. both sides beginning to run into disagreements with one another and the leader of the Diamond Dog pack eventually planning to stage a mutiny and take his airship.

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Moving to AK Yearling's Writing Resources, as it is asking for assistance regarding a writing project related to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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