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Writers/Musicians for a Visual novel


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Hello! Ive been wanting to make a visual novel for awhile now. I'm familiar with Visual novelty and Tyrano Builder, I can also make most if not all of the art assets myself.

The main issue Ive had over the years is I cannot make a coherent story for the life of me, and while royalty free music is decent, something original will always be better.


In order to actually finish this project if there isn't too many takers: If you're interested in writing, please try and focus on only one character that has appeared in the show. For the overall theme of the project, something like a dating sim or a light on the features visual novel (think hatoful boyfriend)

As for music, its hard to say what will be needed and how much will be needed until things get started.

We'll be starting this whole thing from scratch, so any creative input is appreciated if you're contributing.

If you're interested you can contact me on here or through discord at Maximum#0976

Any questions can be directed below, thank you!

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