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Considering MLP: FIM has had a huge variety of characters over the coarse of it's run. As one can imagine, quite a few of them will be given distinguishable accents. 

Applejack and the rest of the Apple Family have Southern dialect.

Rarity has a Mid-Atlantic accent.

So of course, quite a few are going to have a variety of accents. I imagine we've seen ponies with New York, Southern, Canadian, Midwestern, British, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and many other accents on the show.

Which ones do you think stand out the most, or are your favorites?

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Just another story, but I think rarity's accent is made up by herself. Her family doesn't speak the same way Rarity does, and they aren't "classy" as much as Rarity. I think she made up all of the accents and developed her own character to fit her admiration of high class Canterlot (or Manehattan) life, partially because her parent's were the polar opposite.

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I would say AJ's accent is my favorite...if it was actually a real southern accent. :bea: I mean, I might be a little over critical on this one, but....come on. Compare AJ's accent to someone who talks with a real genuine southern accent and you'll know what I'm talking about. Better yet, if you live in the south and know what a true southern accent sounds like...

I'm not knocking Ashleigh's acting job or anything in case you were thinking that. 

But anyways, I'm gonna go with Braeburn for best accent. His southern actually sounds more genuine than AJ's somehow. And yeah it's just..really hot heh. :sealed: Or Scootaloo's dad. I've always had a thing for that Australian accent. 

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Applejack is famous for her Southern accent, but I personally like Manehattan accented Applejack

Babs Seed - Bronx

Granny Smith - Brooklyn (kind of scary)

Rarity- variation of an Alderaan accent (Royal but not Imperial British)

Fancy Pants - Alderaan accent

Twilight: grew up in Canterlot, so Alderaan accent.

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