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Happy Canada Day


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Happy Canada Day...

To Celebrate my Countries Birthday. I Illustrated my Character Blossom, ( From my First Novel In the Series " Blossom and The Dragon '' )  Holding My Home countries Flag.


I was Born in the Province Newfoundland. So was my Spouse and first Child.

Moved to Alberta there we had of 5 children.

Then we finally Moved to Ontario. mortgaged a home in the country to settle down.

Sure we traveled and seen much of Canada. Ocean Ferry Boat Ride Made me sea Sick however Still Fun.

However Canada is and Will Always be my home.

Hugs Everyone.

Laurie Ann Garland.

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Happy Birthday to the US's great northern neighbor, while they may not be doing so good today, they are still a great country.

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*clean tears* how I would love to born in one of the best nations of the world... Dear Canada... I'll do everything in my power to live in your lands become a canadian citizen and make you proud.

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