The representation of Sunset's Past and Fall is Lopsided to a Bothersome Degree.

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Specifically, all of the things we've learned about Sunset and Celestia's relationship so seems to go out of its way to suggest that Sunset's fall was entirely her own fault. But this doesn't make sense or stand up to logical muster. Celestia specifically chose Sunset to be her protege, just as she did Twilight, and until things turned off the tracks presumably had Twi's current role in mind for her. Sunset clearly had faults, like her ambition and callousness, but Celestia as her mentor had a responsibility to try to right the path Sunset was on. And even if you say that it was impossible for Sunset to verge back away from the darkness at that point in time, it is unbelievably reckless and careless of Celestia to simply let her go into self-imposed exile in a dimension neither of them knew much of anything about. What if serious harm had come to her?

And you do get the sense, from how Sunset responded to Celestia's treatment of and relationship with Twi in Forgotten Friendship, and from their interactions in the comic that gave more context to Sunset's flight, that Celestia never really cared for Sunset in the same way that she did Twilight; at the very least, it seems like she was far more harsh and confrontational than we've ever seen her be with Twilight (Sunset was surprised that Celestia even had a sense of humor, apparently). And yet the show has never suggested that maybe Celestia's missteps and behavior contributed to the situation even slightly; this is the one major issue I had with Forgotten Friendship, when they reconciled Sunset just accepted all of the blame for what happened unto herself and Celestia didn't interject at all, not even a simple, "Maybe I could have done some things differently with you, as well."

In the end, clearly Sunset's ambition and cold nature what were the greatest contributing factor to her fall, but I entirely reject the idea that Celestia holds no blame, which seems to be the series's position. I'm sorry, but if you hand-pick someone to be your personal apprentice and trainee and they fall from the path, you hold blame for not steering them right and especially for not at least recognizing the severity of their problems before they reach a point of no return. Celestia did not do this, and neither has she acknowledged it, and I don't know why. Maybe it is because the writers want her moral character and decision-making, her general goodness, to be above reproach, but even the best people make mistakes, and to me this was a clear one. From how Sunset is now, it is obvious that she was by no means a lost cause; she failed herself, yes, but Celestia also failed her. I wish the show would touch on that aspect of the situation. What are your thoughts?

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I've always felt that Sunset's fall was at least partially to blame on Celestia, and now that you mention it, in the comic, Celestia SAID in EQG that she tried to help Sunset, but she didn't.  She really didn't.  She showed Sunset the mirror, and then told her nothing about it.  I was thinking about how Celestia was partially to blame in Sunset's fall just recently, and as I was watching Forgotten Friendship, this line in particular stood out to me, "Are you saying I wasn't a good teacher?" And then Sunset and Twilight then get, frightened?  Hmmmmmm. . . Firstly, yes, Celestia, considering that Twilight and her friends were able to get her to accept friendship(yes I know, that was mostly the Elements of Harmony's doing), learn about it, and cherish it, while when she was literally your STAR STUDENT she "turned cruel and dishonest", yes, you were a bad teacher.  And secondly, if Celestia really was the kind, caring, and all-knowing leader we're supposed to think of her as, what reason does Twilight have to be scared of her?  Twilight seems genuinely afraid of the princesses getting mad, which is shown both here twice, and in season 7's "A Royal Problem".  And seriously, what kind of leader takes pleasure in making their subjects, their personal students, feel scared at the prospect of making them mad and laughs at it?

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