staff Like, it's totally a return to form!

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Our history and mythology is full of those who have returned. It is one of the greatest feats a hero or villain can do! Let us take a look at some of the greatest returns in history



Michael Jordan returns from retirement to lead the Bulls to several more championships. 




MacAurthur returns to the Philippines fulfilling a promise made earlier. 




The Miracle of the Meadowlands saw Herm Edwards return at unprobable fumble to win against the Giants. 




Luke Skywalker returns to fight his daddy before losing to a short circuiting prune faced geriatric wizard 




Han Solo returns as a prunfaced geriatric daddy 




Some king dude in the same movie as elephant fighting shield surfing elf man returns!




After being gone in most of Season 3 Derpy makes a triumphant return at the season 3 finale. 



The Rock returned because he smelled what someone was cooking!



Kenny Loggins braved the Danger Zone to Return to Pooh Corner



Yet none of those returns hold a candle to the greatest return in history. 





Yep! Effective immediately @Totally Lyra has returned to his place on staff to help manage the Canterlot section working with @Rikifive and me to answer questions, gather Feedback, and troll users. Welcome back my dude! He has already taking some great initiatives with things and I look forward to him making things better around here. 

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Congrats @Totally Lyra on your return. I know you'll do a great job. :sneer:

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 welcome back(well.. i wasn't there the first time, so just welcome i suppose?) welcome to the team

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502 AKA Bad Gateway returns to force members to refresh their pages.

nginx indeed!



Great to see you in staff again, @Totally Lyra, but this time, we're here together! qfG7xvI.png

Canterlot best team dfEG13d.png

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o.O  I didn't realize Rikifive and TotallyLyra were on staff!

...I guess I really need to lurk around more!

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@Jeric Wow, that was quite the introduction. I can see a couple of those, but better than Derpy? :o That's high praise there, I'll see if I can live up to it. ;)

@Lucky Bolt Thanks! post-25189-0-33094200-1412626540.png

@TheTaZe I'll do my best. :LunaMCM:

@Ganondorf8 Right? :muffins:

@Lord Valtasar Gah! Too cute! Must cuddle immediately! :love: Thanks! :D

@Rikifive Canterlot will outshine them all! Glad to be part of the team Riki. :squee:

@.Wolfe. Thanks Wolfe! :)

@Maya-san 🦄 Yay! :blue_baloon::sunbutt:

@Bakugou Is My Man ❤ I was not prepared for that. :wau: Thanks!

@Denim&Venom I did run. I ran, I hid, I evaded capture for a year. But in the end it was futile. They found me, they caught me, they dragged me back. :derp:

@HereComesTom Best team! B)

@Sparklefan1234 Thanks BFFFF! :mlp_yeehaa:


Thanks everyone! I'll do my best not to disappoint.

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Its always nice to see older faces rejoin after some time away. Hope your badge wasn't too dusty? :D

Happy to have you with us once again, Totally. Feel free to poke me whenever you think I could offer some blabber advice. ^_^

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