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adventure Hearth's Warming Eve in July


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It was months after Princess Celestia had been to Sugarcube Corner in the autumn. The autumn ended, and Christmas was on the way. The Christmas days passed, and one day were Spike burping up a letter from the princess, and The Mane Six was invited to take part of a Hearth's Warming Eve play again.

"We are invited to star in an outdoor play about the history of Equestria the day before Hearth's Warming Eve next week in Canterlot." Twilight said to her friends.

The Mane Six got instructions about the play, as the Canterlot ponies was decorating the outdoor stage. The ponies and Spike could barely not sleep the day before the event. Later was the six ponies falling asleep, as snow covered Ponyville that night. In the meanwhile that night before Hearth's Warming Eve, was Pinkie Pie busy with delivering presents to everypony in Ponyville. Then the next evening came, and a big crow of ponies they had been gathering in the Canterot gardens. There was food, flags, Hearth's Warming Eve decorations and on everywhere at the garden market. In the meanwhile was the ponies building the stage , and the ponies waited for one of the biggest annual shows in the history of Equestria. Later that evening, was a huge firework opening the show, and The Mane Six entererd the stage while the crowd cheered. Some of those who came to watch the show was Diamond Tiara and her parents including Silver Spoon. The show began, and the curtain opened. Zecora she created the visual effects for the show, as DJ Pon3 made the music.

"This is how Equestria was founded, and everypony was created." Pinkie Pie told the audience while visual effects showed the creation.

Then the Unicorns, Pegasi and Earth had each of their song with the Canterlot orchestra in the background.

"But for thousands of years ago Discord he showed up and disturbed the harmony, as both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna they was fighting Discord back that later turned to stone." Twilight said.

A visual fight between the two alicorns and Discord was shown, as the audience they cheered. Ligths, magic and fireworks illuminated the stage. As the play ended with the Cutie Mark Crusaders song about Equestria, was the crowd giving them a long applause. While The Mane Six and Spike went to bed after the play, was Twilight in her bed thinking back to Rarity's speech she held for her five friends the day after the brunch for Princess Celestia in the end of summer.

"Good eveing! Nice to see you all gathered here!" Rarity said to her friends.

"As you know I decided to try and live in Canterlot for the remains of the year!" Rarity said.

Rarity she had that plan since they saved Equestria as superheroes.

"There are some friends here I knew since I was a filly, and it includes Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Applejack!" Rarity said.

The six ponies they gave a cheer for Rarity.

"Thanks! I hope I see you again soon in Canterlot!" Rarity said and smiled.

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