Chrysalis visual redemption theory

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It's clear that Pharynx is the compromise for fans who don't like the newer Changeling designs. He's a warlike changeling who is reluctant to embrace the new 'prissier' ways, making him a temporary audience surrogate. He eventually does, but retains much of what makes him fearsome, and this is reflected in his transformation. His newer form is very similar to his initial - it is a logical synthesis of the divide. This was the theme of the episode: the changelings agree to remilitarise at the end, representing a small backlash to Thorax's overhaul that he incorporates into his reign in order to strengthen it.


Like Queen Chrysalis, Pharynx's 'evil' design is distinguished from the vast majority of pre-reformed changelings, who are homogenous. I think Pharynx could be a template for how they might treat Chrysalis in the finale. For her to reform and gain a colourful form a la Thorax and the rest would cause a huge fan backlash. However, I don't think she could remain unchanged either. As season 9 is panning out so far, I think SOME change is inevitable. Pharynx could represent a third route - she won't reform into a partisan for Equestria and friend of Twilight, but she will embrace friendship towards the two others in order to defeat Grogar (and maybe meet a stalemate with the Equestrians).


Compare Pharynx's pre- and post- designs, then try to imagine it for Chrysalis.

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It will most likely happen to Chrysalis.  The writing is on the wall.

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I think this video sums it up, at least for me.


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