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Aspiring musician wants to form band

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Hey, folks. As you know, I'm an aspiring musician who wants to get his career off the ground; specifically I want to do music in the psychobilly and rock n' roll genres. I've actually found a mutual interest in 50s/early-mid 60s rock and pop with @C. Thunder Dash, and we have discussed collaborating in the past, which ultimately gave me the idea for a band. I'm looking for other musicians who can do long-distance collaboration and are also interested in just doing good old-fashioned rock and roll (mixed with punk and heavy metal, of course).

My primary influences:

-Elvis Presley

-Chuck Berry

-Johnny Cash


-The Cramps

-The Beach Boys

-The Beatles (specifically the early pop rock era of the group)

-The Knack

-The Who (also specifically the 1965-1968 era of the group)

-The Reverend Horton Heat

-Social Distortion

-Dead Kennedys

-Green Day

-The Misfits

-My Chemical Romance

-Iron Maiden


What I'm looking for:

-A guitarist and bassist

-A pianist (particularly one especially versed in blues music)

-A drummer

Thematically, what am I wanting to go for with this music?:

Heavy, yet melodic 2-4 minute pop tunes about cars, women, sci-fi and horror films, love, and most likely even ponies...or some combination of all five.

Thank you for your time, See ya later.

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Just now, Renegade the Unicorn said:

Yeah, that would be nice. I mean, I can handle vocal and possibly even bass duties (via DAWs, of course).

Sweet. Shall we maybe hit each other up on discord?

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