Omega Level Ponies/creatures in MLP

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Inspired by the official definition of "Omega Level" mutants in the Marvel universe, which ponies would you consider to be "Omega" level and why?


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The only one to truly be this powerful without assistance is Grogar. Tirek was at his most powerful when he absorbed all of the ponies' and Discord's magic, and Grogar's more powerful. He transported the Terrible Trio to him and Sombra from the afterlife and transformed Tirek from his frail form into a stronger, more agile stage with just his necklace.

With assistance, they're Tirek and Twilight from Twilight's Kingdom. By borrowing the other alicorns' magic, Twilight became as powerful as Tirek and was a little too ( :laugh: ) powerful to raise the sun and moon properly.

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Can we all agree that Discord, Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight Sparkle are Omegas?

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