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request 80s style oc ?

Angle Alastor

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Hello there i was just wandering if anyone can do a 80/70s mane styles ? as for an example


and here is my oc and cutie mark :


and reference for  vector posing :


if i miss anything for further detail let me know ^^

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2 hours ago, FeatherStream said:

ya something like that  :3


I have like, three other things to draw but since this one is pretty simple I should be able to do it real quick.

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@FeatherStream, it is in fact an 80's look you are after. I asked someone, it has a name (I forgot). I'll do some more research in the morning (tomorrow), I might be able to help you.

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The hairstyle you are looking for is called Crimped Hair. Also, in that pose you have chosen, the cutie mark won't be visible.

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1 minute ago, FeatherStream said:

hmmm it could fit the avatar limit size lol  umm sure if thats ok with you :3

Sure np!

You can keep that one, and I'll make a separate one with a background if you want?


I forgot the size limit for a profile photo. Will you remind me please?

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