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Banner by ~ Ice Princess Silky

visual art Blossom and the Dragon Progress so far Illustrations included.


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Cover Done...

Screenshot (3378).png

Chapters in Edit Mode, Yes it has a Prologue...

Screenshot (1489).pngI

Promotion Scenes by Alex Blue Bird and I.

Chapter 3. The Miracle Foal. I will be adding touch up's. ( Forest , Juliette, Their Foal, Blossom )

Screenshot (1495).jpg

Coming Soon Chapter 9. Where did the Time Go Illustration.

Chapter 11 The Wild Untamed Forest ( Blossom -Clyony, Skyler - Dragon )

Screenshot (1483).jpg

Chapter 13 Ried Work in Progress ( Amos, Ried, Blossom )

Screenshot (1494).png

Coming soon Chapter 17 Graduation Day Illustration.

Coming soon Chapter 27 Diving Towards Freedom Illustration.

Chapter 23. Battle over Blossom ( Amos - Unidale, Blossom - Clyony, Skyler - Dragon )

Screenshot (1478).jpg

Coming Soon Chapter 31 The Last Dance illustration.

Coming soon Chapter 33 The Last Breath New Life Illustration.

Are there any request on which chapter you like to see an Illustration from?

I'm open to suggestions. Personally if I had it my way I will have an illustration for all chapters including prologue.

What do you think of the Progress so Far.

Laurie Ann Garland

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