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"Cursed Mariner" Archetype


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This is more in the realm of writing fics but, I wonder if the "Cursed Mariner" Archetype could exist in EG? Like a Human Sea Captain from an earlier time period (pirate,merchant,naval,etc) coming across some equestrian magic or artifact and then like all the other antagonists of EG, Misusing said magic for their personal gain, resulting in them being twisted in both mind and body. The Effects of the artifact/magic would also extend onto the Crew and the Ship as well. Transforming them like their captain. The Ship being altered by said magic and artifact and exhibiting magical properties.

This kind of archetype can be interpreted in many ways. And this would lead to local legends of Ghost ships over the years in Canterlot's Maritime History.


Some could be villains (especially if they are pirates or vengeful in nature) and some could be more tragic characters.

One basis for a story would be something where Sunset catches sight of one such "Ghost ship" (especially on camera). Said "Ghost ship" attaching it's presence onto sunset and would only be seen by her. Usually floating above the ground (those who cant see it are overcome by the overwhelming stench of whale carcass). It's captain also being only seen by her, and more frequently. This keeps happening for a couple of weeks before the rest of her friends eventually are able to see the ship and it's captain and crew and are able to confront them. The "Captain" turns out to be the Captain's Daughter, who had been "Cursed" by an equestrian artifact that was discovered and gifted to her by her father. After a Storm destroyed the ship, the artifact actually "saved" them but at the cost of becoming "Echoes" of their former selves. being forced to wander the sea forever until they come across the right person to undo the curse. All the while being pursued and tormented by either an astral sea monster or the vengeful echo of a pirate captain, who previously owned said equestrian artifact.

However It doesn't always involve ghost ships and it could also be an encounter with them on an island or in some alternate version of "Spring breakdown". Like something where the Girls come across Human World versions of Captain Celaeno and her Crew, having been turned immortal by an equestrian artifact or magic. Another way this could play out would be something where a ship and crew end up in a time loop generated by equestrian magic or artifact and could be doomed to follow the same route of tragedy.their ship being destroyed at the end of each loop. however, time flows normally outside the bubble the loop is occurring in an people outside mistake it for a ghost ship

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