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Why do I have four Spooks badges?


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did you happen to win it 4 times or did you get the notification 4 times?

you cant get rid of badges but you can hide little "4" 

the 4 is just an image next to your badge only admins are able to do this edit the site code make a console and select the object

"span.ipsNotificationCount" when you do that go to

.ipsApp .ipsNotificationCount {

and either delete the 4 or uncheck the background: #b63f3f;

style rule so if an admin is here try that


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I remember this badge could be given to users more than once. However, later the duplicate badges were removed from most users (I think I had four or five before this happened, now I have just one).

Looking at this, you have received the badge at least on pages 2, 4 and 5. :P


I guess you received additional ones from someone after most users had their extra Spooks badges removed. :adorkable:

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1 hour ago, SparklingCaps said:

I’m the only user I’ve seen who has multiple of the same badge (4 Spooks badges/a little 4 above the badge). What’s up with that? :P 

Someone didn’t set it to prevent multiples.  

Will fix in my next badge audit. 

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