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The Golden Oaks Memorial Library

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We are back. A a little different than previously. Originally conceived of and designed a exclusively a live reading program by Sunset Rose, this project fell to the wayside while we considering ways to manage and communicate updates and schedules effectively within this software. 


@Quinch deserves a lot of credit for keeping this small part of the Events Team alive while we figured out what we wanted to do. Starting tonight we are continuing this project in earnest as a permanent part of MLPF. 

The focus will be on recorded fan works from the Brony Fandom. Tomorrow a suggestion form will be up and running allowing the community to request fics for the readers to record. There will be a “Readers Wanted” posting when the Reader sees an opportunity for collaboration and wants to find new (non staff) readers to help. 

The current Library is co managed by @~C. Discord~, @Lord Valtasar, and @Quinch but falls under Valt’s Events Team. CD, as a fairly prolific writer here, will be tasked with finding material would make for a great reading. @Quinch will manage uploads of new fics and help coordinate collabs and work closely with the Library Team which includes the Readers

@Quinch, @Mesme Rize, @Jeric and @Randimaxis

New fics will be recorded and posted on our Poniverse YouTube channel, and here on MLPF in the new Library.



How do I request a fanfiction be read?

Want to hear your favorite story read? We will be happy to oblige. Just click on here to add your fic for consideration. You can request a specific reader, but it isn’t guaranteed. Also you can choose preference of live or prerecord. Live readings are not guaranteed to be scheduled at a time that is good for you, and depending on the readers set-up they may not be able to record it.

 Keep in mind that extremely long fics not take precedence over smaller ones and there is not set schedule for chapter releases. Also different readers may tackle different chapters. Finally we won’t read fics that have a Gore or Clop component, obviously. 


Where will recorded fanfics be posted?

This may be overkill, but you will be able to find recorded fics in the three spots

  • Poniverse YouTube - Link
  • Forum Library Database - Link
  • The Golden Oaks Forum - Yes another Link



It goes without saying, but the Golden Oaks Library is subject to global posting guidelines, but in addition to them;

  • 1) This section is not a place to post fanfiction and other literature and it is not a place to ask for ideas about fanfiction and other literature. If that's what you're looking for, please have a look at Written Fan Works and AK Yearling's Writing Resources respectively.

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