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Old fan but late to the fandom! Hi!


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I... Don't remember... it's been so long and I've got some memory problems.

Heya ya'll!!!!! I've been an old fan of the show and have watched it for so long! But I've never actually participated in the fandom- I've always observed it from afar(mainly from youtube and tumblr) But... now I actually want to be part of the fandom! Though... I know nothing of the fandom and all the popular sites fans usually hang out! So I was hoping some of ya'll could offer a lil driver's course on new people joining the fandom and all the essential sites they should know of!

Not to get a lil deep, but I'm a bit scared... I've always wanted to be part of the MLP community, read new content, share my own content and the such... but now that this generation is ending- I'm terrified! I'm excited for the next generation, but I never got to have my time to appreciate generation 4 with people, and I don't want to miss out! I hope I don't sound silly... But I just want to experience gushing over this current generation of ponies and fanfics and ships and the whole shabang before it's too late... So if anybody has any suggestion to sites of friendly people(very specifically looking for friendly places!!) please slide 'em on over! And also any information and good forums for this place, as well!(of course) :kindness:

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Welcome @WaryWillow! This is a very accepting and friendly place, there is nothing to be worried about! We still got a few nice weeks of Season 9 to enjoy, and a lot of fun stuff's going on all the time! :fluttershy:

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