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Equestria at War - A Total Conversion for Hearts of Iron


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Hello everyone, Equestria at War is a long running mod - we've been around for years now, but not everyone is aware of us, so I thought I'd drop by to let you know about us and answer any questions you might have, as we've just completed our 1.6 Release - Sundered South.

Equestria at War is a My Little Pony total conversion for Hearts of Iron 4, the comprehensive WW2 strategy game by Paradox Interactive. War is an important part, but so is industry, logistics, politics, and your choices in the years of peacetime before war breaks out.
Mod Features
- A complete custom made map of the continents of Equus and Griffonia, with cities, populations, histories, and detailed terrain.
- 60+ nations with focus trees, each with their own unique combination of lore, focus trees, events and mechanics.
- 300+ character portraits and 1000+ icons specifically made for this mod, with hundreds more drawn from across the MLP fandom and the HOI4 modding community.
- Custom mechanics to represent the magical fantasy universe of MLP - magical equipment and resources, different races such as Changelings, Ponies, Undead, Griffons, Deer and Diamond Dogs, each with unique technology and special mechanics.
- A rich interactive world of choice driven storytelling, featuring detailed political branches and complex events, totalling over 800,000 words of writing. (and a complete Russian translation too!)
Learn More:
Say hello at Our Discord Server
Common Questions
Do I need HOI4 expansions to play this?
No, the mod is compatible with the base game.
I'm new to HOI4 - what do I need to know?
Check out the primer on our Wiki.



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Equestria Daily lol

Never played that game, nor a fan of war games of that type, but sweet Celestia, this really looks epic. Impressive quality and amount of details, from what I see. jBKh2oU.png

If I was playing that game, I'd totally give it a try. :pout:

The artworks are wonderful! XDlaR1K.png


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Having played this mod (although not extensively) I can definitely say it is well put together. The factions, focus trees, events and even tech had a significant amount of love put behind them and the product clearly shows. Everything you love about Hoi4 minus the actual WW2.

Take over the world as a Nazi themed Changeling Empire? Check

Defend democracy and peace for all ponies against the threats of evil? Check

Unite a broken string of griffon nations that still wage war with swords? Check

Decide to start a civil war in Equestria to get back at your sister for sending you to the moon? Check

Spread the glory of communism to the working class ponies of the world? Check


It really is a fresh take on a great game and with a familiar setting for you to explore.

If I were to make any complaint other than occasional bugs, the lack of original designs for vehicles and certain weapons / equipment (ie: tanks, planes, artillery) can be quite jarring. Changelings for example are based off of Germany and have German vehicles, which admittedly is funny but odd to imagine your changelings driving around in Pz 4's and Tigers. This is true of most nations, and honestly isn't too big of a deal.


Best of luck with future development of the mod.

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