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I'm back I guess?


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I'm not sure why I ever thought to do it, but one night in early 2013, probably February, I decided to "torture" myself by watching an episode of My Little Pony. I went on YouTube and found the first episode. After the end I told myself I can't not finish the story so I went on to the 2nd part. Once that ended I put my iPod Touch down and refused to accept that I enjoyed it. My smiling was just... my face reacting to the bright screen, trying to squint. That's all. So I went a while in denial until one night I accepted my fate and went on to watch the rest. I rushed through to the end of season 3 over the next few weeks.

I never actually made an introduction in all my time here since I joined almost 6 years ago. But I figure since I'm basically starting over now's a good time.

I'm Clod. Some of you may have seen me in the past. If not as Clod, then maybe as BruinBrony or The Tin Can. I've had a few names in between but those are the main ones I stuck with.

Throughout almost all of my time here, my mental health was... less than ideal. When I left, I was no different. And to be honest, I feel that this place may have indirectly contributed to that around the end of my time here. It wasn't anyone's fault, but before I decided to leave I felt alone and disliked. Of course, that has to do with my mental health at the time too. But most of my friends had left and I didn't know how to make new ones. The ones that had left, I had no other way of contacting at the time. So I was left mostly by myself, posting status updates that would go unnoticed and doing not much else.

Now though, I'm giving it a second try. I'm not sure how it will go, or if I'll even end up staying. I'm doing much better now than I ever was during my past here, and I feel like now's probably the best time to give this place a chance. If it doesn't work out, I'll be okay this time. I still have somewhere else to go. It won't be as devastating. If it does, I find another group of people to talk to and some new friends.

I'm still not so good at this whole "socializing" thing and I'm not sure I ever will be. But the only way I can be is if I try.

Now for things that are unrelated to my past here...

I'm not exactly the most interesting person. Much of my time is spent trying to find something to watch on YouTube. But when I do decide to play games, it's usually something to do with cars. I still know nothing about cars, but they're fun to drive. At the moment, that's generally Forza Horizon 4 or DiRT Rally 2.0. But recently I've been playing a bit of Cook, Serve, Delicious 2. This is going to be outdated in about a month. Good thing introductions aren't meant to last that long. Edit: Oh yeah also Night in the Woods is a good game. And OneShot. How did I forget these? I guess because I'm not currently playing them? You should though. Oh, and Undertale and Deltarune. Those are also good.

As for things I watch that aren't pony (and I don't do any pony watching either, changing that) there's mostly just Steven Universe now. I used to watch Star vs. the Forces of Evil but that ended and I wasn't too happy with the ending. I keep saying I'll get around to watching other things and I never do. 

Even if I don't stick around this can serve as some kind of update or something. 

Ending introductions is hard. Introductions in general are hard. I probably missed stuff. Oh well.

Thank you for reading. I'll just... go? I guess. Yeah.

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forgot stuff lol
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Hello and welcome back to the herd! :mlp_yeehaa:

I hope everything will go well for you. :fluttershy: The more you interact with the others, the more they'll interact with you. Look around, reply to statuses, play some forum games and you'll find friends to talk to in no time. :mlp_wink:

I'm not really talkative, nor interesting myself, but if you'd ever need someone to talk to, feel free to poke me even with random things. :grin:

Have a good time here and see you around!:fluttershy:

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Hi @Clod and welcome back! That was quite a long introduction, which served some great information about this place in the past as well as in the present. There are quite a few members here that live in their own status update world, with and without responses. Nothing wrong with that. I am not good with socializing either, and I think this place is a good place to learn, or train to be better around people, either it is being here, or IRL.

Seeing someone still alive and kicking after years have gone by, and they have some condition or issue, like a mental health situation, is really showing character! It show that you are strong. Also car games are fun! Racing in general is more than just cars, but competition and planning are part of the experience.


And now I feel I have spoken way too much about "things" and alienated most of people around me in the process. See? Socializing is difficult, but we can always try!

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