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Pony Theory : saving Derpy Hooves


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Hi everyone ! SOOoooo...

I take no credit for this theory, as I'm taking the work done by Equestron and adding just a little coat of paint on top of it. Source is


To sum up the elements that are relevant to what I'll say : Muffins Started as a background pony animation error. Her peculiar appearance made her super popular within the fandom, to the point that the creators of the show decided to give her a minor role. However, angry moms declared that 'derp' was an insult, and the CHILDRENS (!) should NOT be exposed to it, thus the name was changed to Ditzy Hooves, then Muffins after the angry moms raised an eyebrow. In subsequent episodes, a narrative grows of Muffins' past, where she was once the top flyer in her class, until her eyes' condition made her unable to compete... Yet, she is seen having a privileged relationship with the Wonderbolts (maybe due to the fact the current captain was in flight school with her and witnessed her fall) in MLP the movie.

In my opinion, Muffins still has the moves (yo!), But in fact, poor depth perception make her appear clumsy, unable to fly through hoops or stay in formation; hence her poor results at standardized tests. Let me remind you that she was the immediate backup to the ponyville relay team for the Equestria games (Fluttershy could be argued to be a good flyer, I have no idea what Bulk Biceps was doing here on the other hand). If she's been inducted among the Wonderbolts, it's probably as an honorary tittle.

But now, I ask you all : What would Muffin's callsign be ? We know the Wonderbolts have a tradition of giving each other insulting nicknames refering to a mistake or bad habit they had when they enlisted... What could Muffins be called that reflect on her seeming clumsyness or silly look ? The best part about it, since it IS meant as an insult, no one can argue about it  ;7  And the only character to have ever referered to Muffins as 'Derpy' was Rainbow Dash, at a time she was quite miffed against her friend !

Some of you might choke on my insistance to call her Muffins, but I'm sticking to my guns here : as a civilian it would be disrespectful to call military personel by a callsign without knowing the meaning behind it and/or being very close to said person !



That's a theory, fell free to agree or argue ! Have a nice day !    ;7


A little sub theory before leaving : Muffins is the most badass character in MLP:FiM !

She was a top flyer but was denied any future in that domain because of a physical affliction she had no control over ! All her attempts at fixing or correcting the issue failed until she ended up a simple mailmare in a backwater town ! Yet she smiles !!! She keeps smiling all day long, bringing a ray of sunshine to everypony she meets thoughrough her day ! Let me remind you that she lives in immediate proximity to PINKY PIE ! Who (if 'the Cutie Map' is to be trusted) can LITERALLY spot a fake smile from a mile away !

That smile is LEGIT ! after all she's been through she's genuinely happy with her lot in life ! And that takes a certain mental resilience that not everyone has...

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Derpy as her callsign? I like it!

Something clever they could have done. But then, I think there's a couple of things that could have been done to make "Derpy" work. What I would've done is take it right back to the naysayers and actually have an episode about that very thing. Some character or group of characters going on a rant about how it's wrong to call her Derpy, only to find out at the end (since they didn't let her speak for herself during the entire freaking episode) that she actually LIKES the nickname.

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