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Inclement Leather

Will Guide

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Title: Inclement Leather
Air Date: September 8, 2019 (My Little Pony Offical" YouTube channel)
Written By: Anna Christopher
Synopsis (YouTube Video Description):  Rarity's thrilled to debut her new outfit at the Starswirl Festival but bad weather threatens to ruin her look.

Also I didn't think THAT girl would come back as a choice.

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This is some peak Rarity right here. I dig it. She really should have packed a change of clothes, though. Also pretty funny that "Starswirl" is the name of the festival. 

Applejack ending: I... definitely don't want to know why she's sneaking up on pigs. Also, was the spa thing always there? It seems like it just showed up out of nowhere. 

Twilight ending: Pretty rude of Twilight to waste Rarity's time like that, but at least this one actually has a solution. 

Vignette ending: They still talk to Vignette? Why? 


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