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Planning Shadowrun romance RP

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“I was recommended to this site by a chummer of mine who doesn’t want to admit we’re friends.

Running doesn’t leave a lot of room for romance. Plenty of flings for sure. Old fashioned as I am though, that’s not what I’m looking for. No I’d like to meet a woman willing to slow down and talk in between jobs.

Common wisdom is don’t shit where you eat, but if real friendships can be formed during the planning and doing phases, why can’t a relationship? Certainly having a fellow Runner as a partner makes more sense than hiding a double life from her.

So a little about myself.
-I’m a dwarf.

-Originally from the Pocono Mountains, currently living in Seattle as it goes. Also spent a couple of years in Hong Kong doing work for Wuxing.

-I’m Awakened. Pretty hard to avoid talking about it since it’s how I make my money. I don’t mind talking about what I can do, I just want to lay my cards down right away.

-Also raised Catholic. None of that cafeteria drek either. Still practicing. It doesn’t really factor into my preferences for women, just like the Awakened thing, I feel the need to be upfront about it.

-Pretty mellow all things concerned. No Neo-Anarchist rants or conspiracy theories from me.

As for what I’m looking for. Someone different. Living in my melting pot home country as well as abroad gave me a love of the different.

-Different meta-type. (Hey elf ladies. Let’s shatter some stereotypes!)

-Different country of origin.

-Hell, even if chrome obviously doesn’t jive with me, it does hold a fascination. So bring on the razorgirls, lady deckers, and Rosie riggers.

-Changeling girls. Cat girls, bird girls, are mermaids changelings? (Sorry if that's inappropriate.)

-. . . Maybe even a shapeshifter if one has Matrix access and sees this. (Don’t shame me!)

Anyway, yeah. Hope to hear from some people.”


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In-character portion over. An RP set in the Sixth World of Shadowrun. The character I described above is preferred overall but I could make some changes if you wanted. The list of traits for partners above is not all inclusive, just some options I’d like.

The idea of the story and romance focused RP would be we’d both meet either on Jackpoint like you responded to the above or maybe we both get hired for a job and hit it off.

-Don’t sweat word count.
-Third person preferred but not required.
-Could take it to Discord now or later.

Hope to hear from you.

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