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Planning World of Warcraft: Palling with Pandaren.

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Pandaren are my favorite race in WoW. Seeing as how much I love the Draenei, the Pandaren really just had to push all of my buttons to knock them from that perch.

There are two scenarios involving them I thought could be fun to RP in my most reliable RP community.

First contact: You play as a member of your preferred or mained race right after the Pandaren join the Alliance/Horde. I journey to your starting area and/or capital as part of an envoy with the monk class trainers. We meet and just adjust to the other’s culture and become friends.

Pandaren Ex-pat: Based on my actual RP experience. This takes place in Pandaria proper. You play as a local pandaren meanwhile I’m a member of the Alliance that’s grown so tired of the war with the Horde that I defect. Only you don’t know about that detail. We befriend each other as I’m trying to lay low and the interesting bits come from the fact that spending so much time with the Alliance has left me out of the loop on some Pandaren (especially native Pandarian) culture and I’m also a bit more hardened than the laid back Pandarian. Eventually the truth comes out and your character has to square the reality that I look like one of you, are one of you, but are also a foreigner at the same time.

I think both of these would be fun to play although the first is obviously a bit more casual. It’s just a matter of what you want.

Hope to hear back from you soon.

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