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health Showering Weekly?


Is showering weekly bad or good?  

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On 9/22/2019 at 6:12 AM, HeavenSunset said:

General Discussion is random question so i decided this, is showering weekly gross or not

Showering too much can lead to some skin problems. Finding the balance where you are clean to be in public is kinda important. You definitely won't like to smell bad.

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I think most of the people I help at work don’t shower more than once a week. At least they usually smell that way.

 I once had a laser surgery on some scar tissue on my face that required that I not bathe for 2 days, and not wash my hair for 2 days after that. Those 4 days were hell for me. I like to take a shower every day.

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On 5/13/2020 at 10:13 PM, King of Canterlot said:

Showering weekly? As in only once a week? Uh, no that's pretty gross :eww:

I shower once a day, even if I didn't leave my house to go anywhere. 

I don't shower once a week, Please, I still get BO 20 minutes after i get out of the shower:sealed:

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