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mega thread How are you feeling?

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  • 2 months later...

I am pretty melancholy at the moment.

I am at school right now but I am on break for an hour and a half.


I feel fairly gloomy every day, so it's nothing new. But it is certainly boring  >_>

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My weekend's coming to a close, I'm low on sleep, and still don't have my ceiling fan and light installed.


So... I'm not too happy... Especially since it's supposed to warm up and I naturally find it hard to sleep without my fan on. =(

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I'm feeling surprisingly uplifted!


I watched my baby nephew for a bit, and (Sorry for details) he totally squirt pooped all over me, on my derpy shirt. But he felt better after that and had this big smile on his face. Yes its gross but I don't care, just lifted my day to see the little darling smile, probably cause he got his aunty Blissy all dirty lol!

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I was kinda scared because there was a super big thunderstorm D: 

But now I'm calm and tired, ready to go to bed xD Pretty content, though. Happy, too :DD Because I'm just like.. always happy :T 

And ooh how old is this thread? I've never seen it before OO: I hope there's a bunch of happeh peoples on here :3

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Tired. It's 12:49am and I've been up all night arting. Yay. 

Same time for me XD 

I'm not too tired, I could stand to stay up, but I also haven't been staying up doing one thing. I hope you can get to bed soon o: I've had to draw stuffs at this time and even later, which wasn't fun at all!

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