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Mega Thread How are you feeling?

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Not doing so great today and I have no idea why. I was fine earlier, indecisive but fine. For the past hour I have felt really anxious, uneasy. 

forgotten by some friends here, but that's okay. <3 It makes me appreciate the ones who do care for me and tag me - well.. i'll appreciate them 10x more.

EXTREMLY depressed. Feel like I'll never be happy again to be honest, I've just been laying in bed crying all day.

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22 hours ago, Splashee said:

Waiting for an email, that I have been waiting for the last 9 hours, making me feel nervous!

Well, that went well. Now I have everything I wanted TIMES 2.




Like is a roller coaster of feelings. When you feel good, like I am right now, better do something with it! I'm going out in the snow and jumping around like crazy now!

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Well today I have one senile upset patient who fling poo at me while I was assisting them.  So how do I feel about that?

Crappy. (pun not intended)

Other then that, after getting home I'm better. (still disturbed though..:maud:



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Pretty good. I submitted an essay to my school to be graded, and am now getting ready for work. I get off late tonight. I have some serious cabin fever right now so getting out and working sounds like fun believe it or not.

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I felt off and not quite in the right mindset this morning, but thanks to conversations with a few good friends throughout the day I'm feeling better than ever. Well, maybe not better than ever. As good as ever? :ooh: Feeling great, if a little sleepy. I know how to remedy that last bit though. :)

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