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How are you feeling?

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EXTREMLY depressed. Feel like I'll never be happy again to be honest, I've just been laying in bed crying all day.

I’m missing someone really bad right now. It’s a feeling of getting my heart ripped out when I know my chances of seeing them again are pretty slim. So in other words, I guess I’m just feeling super d

Terrible. Absolutely terrible and hating myself. I wasn’t there for my friend when she needed me and now I don’t know if I’ll ever get to talk to her again. 

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Feeling much better today! But I did really push too much work, with no results that I liked. So I managed to somehow solve that at the very last moment. So feeling good! :Tempest:

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A little tiny bit sleepy, and also a teeny tiny bit frustrated at my phone cause I know if I go and type a big paragraph right now it’ll reset and delete everything (I was going to do that on another site that doesn’t have the wonderful text saver)

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Just perfect. Maybe too many onion rings. But with summer and Windows 95, you cannot reach any better feelings!


Truth is, two people here at the forum keeps being nice and it makes me feel good.

I don't need it though! I have my Windows 95, but they somehow don't see that. How can they not?


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Feeling okay. I had a rough couple of days and now I'm coming down from all that. I'm also feeling a little ashamed of myself because lately I've been getting too focused and detail oriented to the point I haven't been seeing the perspective of the bigger picture. I've been edgy, combative and the worst version of me. So now I'm glad to be taking some time to step back, regroup and try to get my head out of my backside and where it needs to be.

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