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Mega Thread How are you feeling?

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EXTREMLY depressed. Feel like I'll never be happy again to be honest, I've just been laying in bed crying all day.

Not doing so great today and I have no idea why. I was fine earlier, indecisive but fine. For the past hour I have felt really anxious, uneasy. 

forgotten by some friends here, but that's okay. <3 It makes me appreciate the ones who do care for me and tag me - well.. i'll appreciate them 10x more.

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Just thinking about the time of history on my land and area I have lived for my whole life, basically. Once on the fringes on civilization, ruled by one of the most advanced Tribes in the Americas...a distant land on the fringes of the British Empire...then a battle ground between the French, Natives, and British...and then a war area between the Americans and British...then just a humble farmland...cast aside from everything else in the country. 

On my birthday and every couple of months or so, my family drives to a point that overlooks lake Ontario. On that site, that is where the Americans and British fought. Imagine the British ships out int he lake, as far as the eye can see. And the sounds of war and people fighting for the causes they believed in.

On my home soil.

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Lately, not that great. Been feeling like a tire spinning in the mud, getting nowhere. Dreary winter weather hasn't helped at all either.

Things are starting to look up tho. Temps are getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Plus construction of the new house has been ongoing, so looking forward to that.

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Kinda sleepy cause it’s early in the morning. I was anxious about stuff a while ago but I think I’ll be fine. I was feeling a bit silly when I woke up this morning cause I had a dream that my school installed rollercoasters in the halls for when we would go back to in-person.

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I feel like this relationship of mine is a bit bipolar and it's concerning me.

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