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S09:E24+E25 - The End of the End

The End of the End   

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    • Discord! No! (Hated it)
    • Rainbow Blast It! (Not a fan)
    • I joined Grogar and all I got was this tee (it was okay)
    • Rarity Tom Toss Finisher Move .... (Liked it)
    • OMG PINKIE GOD!!!! (Loved it)

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The ending speech should be changed to:

"ENOUGH! Because of you, I almost lost my way, but every creature here has reminded me of the true power of friendship. There will always be darkness in the world, but there will also always be those who find the light. The Pillars knew this! That's why they created the Elements of Harmony. The Elements showed me and my friends how strong our friendship could be. Together we worked to bring harmony to Equestria. But there will always be more to do, which is why we teach others about the Magic of Friendship, others who will continue our mission after we are gone. The real magic has always been right here, and the more who understand how powerful friendship is, the stronger we will all be. Together!"

Basically what Twilight said, but minus the part about the elements just being symbols. The logic being the Elements are already falling apart, and Twilight have stated numerous times before (even in the season 1 premiere) about how the elements were symbolic of the ponies or whatever. DWK actually said it pretty well in his "Totally Legit Recap" of season 9 premiere - "In this universe, friendship is a tangible form of energy that through the proper conduit, generate limitless power".

It's actually a really good speech but trying to explain the elements of harmony again at this point is a hopeless endeavor. 

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