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Idea I have that I didn’t think the game proper service to. I play as a pandaren fresh from the Wandering Isle having joined the Alliance or Horde, while you play an adventurer of any race or class that, for one reason or another, interacts with.

The emphasis ideally is focusing on culture clash and to an extent genre clash. After all, even though the Tolkien-esque Night Elves are just as divergent from the dieselpunk Goblins as they are from the Wuxia martial arts Pandaren, all the other fantasy races and cultures have had time, wars, and truces to get used to one another.

The Pandaren have experienced none of that by the time they first arrive, likewise the only people at a stretch that would even possibly know the Pandaren would be the no longer immortal Night Elves.

So how do both sides react to yet another ingredient being thrown into the fantasy gumbo? What does your race’s culture think of unarmed fighters with exotic combat philosophies that joined both sides? We both decide. Particularly I’m looking for something other than humans since I’ve already done that, maybe something on the Horde side. Being that I’m staunchly Alliance it would be refreshing to meet among the Orcs, Tauren, Blood Elves, etc. Back on the Alliance side though, meeting with the Dwarves, Gnomes, Draenei, or Worgen might also be cool.

Obviously there can be action, fighting, and adventure. This is intended as a one on one since it just flows better back and forth.

Thank you.


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