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All good things must come to an end. Shows, movies, they all come and go, living on in the memories made by their fans who stuck by till the final credits roll. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was no different, garnering fans the world over, but that too had ended not long ago. The credits roll one final time, the friendship lessons through, and everyone’s favorite pastel equines at last get their final least that’s what people assumed. 
Twilight’s coronation was a complete disaster and yet everything seemed to have worked out in the end. She was now in charge of Equestria, her friends were by her side, and the the greatest villains Equestria had ever known were sealed away. With the creatures of many different lands now becoming regular sights in Equestria a new dawn of prosperity was upon them! Yet even in their brightest hours, ancient threats of all kinds still brew under the surface of Equestria.
As the first year of her reign began to come to a close the eve of the first official “Festival of the Two Sisters” was upon them. To make a strong first impression she and the Mane Six sought to plan the most extravagant event that Canterlot had seen in a century! Everyone who is anyone in Equestria was sure to attend - and even from beyond. For once everything seemed to be going without a hitch, no invasions from airship armadas or suped-up magical threats, but it wasn’t to last.
Just as the celebration had begun to commence with the retired Princesses Luna and Celestia taking the stage the terrifying trio of Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow spring upon the crowd - freed from their prison of stone and seeking revenge! Just before the ponies could rally their forces and make a counter attack a lone unicorn saunters on the stage, a total stranger to all, but as their horn becomes alight in a sinister swirl of black and yellow magic strange rifts in space open up all across Canterlot and begin sucking in anypony who gets too close - pony, alicorn and villain alike! 
Those who are left to stand and fight immediately demand an explanation, engaging in a quick skirmish with the unknown assailant, the foe pulling drawing up various portals to ensnare those who would get too close! Yet before the enclosing ponies can get in a decisive blow the unicorn opens one last portal and flings themselves inside, but not before at last declaring their name - Ambient Antique! Leaving no recourse but to either follow in after or stay behind to pick up the pieces.
Life doesn’t present too much variation for the average person. Go to work, do your job, return home and sleep to start it over again the next day. Human lives are defined by repetition and keeping to schedules, dealing with mundane troubles without monsters or magic. 
When the day had started out it seemed like it was going to be the same as the last but without warning - all over the world - freak storms swept across various regions. Torrential winds tore down branches and strange lightning flickered in the sky, but as quickly as they came the clouds vanished from sight. In their stead however the storms had left strange people in their wake, with oddly colored hair and complete unfamiliarity with their surroundings. To those who find these individuals it becomes clear that these strange characters are a bit more than meets the eye...
These people claim to be Equestrians, people from a completely different world sent here by a new villain who’s motives remain unclear. Intent to reunite and find a way back to Equestria, it’s up to both the Equestrians and their human allies to team up and find a way home! 
Welcome one and all to a revitalization of an older concept - a pony in the human world! I’m very excited to announce this, as I do think there is a need for more large scale RP events on the forum! Hopefully the intro happened to catch your eye and you’re up to giving this a shot. The premise of this is primarily to reunite with your fellow Equestrians and have various slice of life scenarios with the humans you encounter along the way, but that's elaborated on in part below. 
Be sure to read onward for the rules, as those are rather important!  :nom:
Rules for all participants!:

- Anyone who is intent on participating must fill out an application form for their requested character! There can only be one submitted form per accepted character, canon or otherwise, but you can submit multiple applications per post.

- Slots for canon characters are of limited supply, and we can’t have two Rainbow Dash’s running around. If multiple folks apply for the same character the best of those shall be selected. I want you to knock my socks off with your applications, don’t hold anything back.

- Your application does have the possibility to be rejected, but don’t fret, they may be subject to revision and resubmission! The goal is improvement, and I want to see everyone put their heart into their characters. The RP is no fun if you’re not invested in your character, because then others won’t be either.

- There is no inherent limit to the number of characters you can theoretically apply for, but don’t try and overextend yourself if you don’t think you can keep up.

- Naturally for such a big RP such as this maintaining constant activity is key to keeping up a decent pace for all our players. As such we’re seeking those who are willing to commit to a long term RP with the ability to post regularly. If you don’t post within a certain period of days (TBD) you will be skipped over - and if you can’t be reached for some time afterward your spot will be freed up for someone else to use.

- As an addendum to the previous rule I don’t want to be some kinda cruel taskmaster when it comes to RP, I know that life gets in the way and things happen. If there happens to be some sort of issue or conflict that will prevent you from posting relatively soon please be sure to let me know! If you will be absent for some time but still wish to participate your character can be taken over for some time until your return.

- Good grammar and spelling is a must! Know ‘your’ from you’re’ and you’ll be fine. Mistakes are tolerated but it’s best if you can put together coherent sentences. 

- As per site rules profanity and some mature themes are allowed but don’t take it too far. 

- A minimum of a paragraph per post! Your Equestrians and humans will no doubt be doing a lot, exploring and interacting with their environment. Don’t be afraid to embellish a little bit and set the scene! Five sentences is a good rule of thumb, but feel free to go the extra mile.

- If you’re playing as multiple characters feel free to split posts if necessary to stagger out your responses, it’s a good way to keep activity up.

- Any inquiries or out of character responses should be kept to this thread rather than the RP posts themselves.

- To maintain visibility, be sure to tag people as part of your posts. It makes sure that people are aware when it’s time for them to respond next.

- Pairings between Equestrians and their human partners will be entirely random. A person who is playing a human cannot be paired up with a pony they themselves are also controlling, however.

- As the guiding force behind the RP I have the final say in terms of various decisions made within. If you have questions about specific plot points or a direction on how to proceed please ask first.

((Not really a rule so much as an additional note: Humans are needed!!!! Please do at least consider applying for one...if you want ))


Notes on Character Creation:


-When using canon character or your own characters who originate from Equestria do try and avoid overly dark backstories or the like. As the world of Equestria within this RP is meant to emulate the one seen in the show more or less it’s best to try and make your character gel within that setting. Personal tragedy is of course fine, but there are limits.
-This same principle applies with humans as well. While more leeway can be given in terms of personal hardship don’t try and delve too much into “dark and violent past” territory, as a character who’s constantly down on themselves is no fun for anyone.
-Characters are at their best when they have flaws, give your human or Equestrian some, it can make for some interesting interactions.
-Characters also have hobbies and things they like to indulge in outside of their daily lives, give them a couple as no doubt it can play into how you approach various scenarios.



Equestrian Application Guidelines


Alicorn Rules:
-The only alicorns allowed are those explicitly canon to the show. I won’t make exceptions.
-Don’t let the constraints of princesshood (or ex-princesshood in some cases) limit you. Feel free to explore these characters to the best of your ability! 
-Alicorn applications should be approached as normal aside from their race category.
-Much like the princesses, being considered a ‘villain’ in Equestria is something of a coveted position. Only those who are in canon are allowed, specifically Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow.
-Unlike most Equestrians, you’re not the sort who believes in all that magic of friendship nonsense. Getting turned to stone wasn’t pleasant and revenge is at the forefront of your mind, but getting sent to the human world puts a damper on those plans. Whether you see getting back to Equestria as your best bet to retake power or the new world as a realm worth conquering don’t be afraid to play up your more devilish side. Then again, perhaps being in the human world may finally cool your temper.
-Additional details shall be provided to you regarding Ambient Antique, as they are the one who set you free by way of powerful magic. These will be provided as necessary for those who pick any of these characters.
-Fill out the applications as normal with the necessary details altered to accommodate the character.
Basic Equestrian Rules:
-For all intents and purposes your Equestrian shall appear as human regardless of race. Wings and horns shall be absent aside from markings where they used to be. These can be seen visibly if exposed.
-Afterimages of an Equestrian’s wings, horns, or other appendages shall be visible in a spectral form when photographed
-Cutie marks will still be present much like the markings above, located along the outer leg much like they wound on their pony counterparts. The area in which they’re situated shall have molted areas of color which denote the previous fur color of the Equestrian.
-All Equestrians appear in the human world fully clothed, and preferably this attire should reflect them in some fashion. For example, Rainbow Dash could appear clad in a sky blue track jacket.
-Demonstrate a level of curiosity which should no doubt annoy your human host. Your Equestrian just landed in a world where almost everything operates different and friendship rainbow beams don’t solve problems. Play this up for comedic effect if you wish, human customs would be very strange to an outsider.
-While you may no longer be in Equestria some strange link insures that your magical abilities are not fully diminished.



Equestrian Race Distinctions


-Earth Ponies still possess strength which is beyond most humans, capable of lifting heavy objects as well as cultivating plants at a quickened pace.
-Yaks are similar to Earth Ponies, only without the ability to grow plants and even higher strength which is adequate for smashing. Lifting cars and busting holes in walls is not too terribly difficult for you.
-Pegasi still have the ability of weather manipulation at their disposal, able for manipulate mist and condensation. They also tend to be lighter than most Equestrians.
-Griffins have the capacity to run faster than most, but also are very prone to be distracted by shiny objects.
-Hippogryphs take on the aspects of various races, able to run at a speed comparable to a pegasus or griffin, but also take to water with surprising ease. They seem to be quite at home there. 
-Unicorns only have the ability to access telekinesis by using their hands as a conduit rather than their horns.
-Alicorns have access to the abilities of the three major races with additional potency but still find their abilities weakened in comparison to their Equestrian selves.
-Changelings aren’t able to alter their forms but are able to camouflage themselves much akin to a chameleon. They are also adept at mimicry, able to impersonate voices with startling accuracy.
-Dragons have an extreme resistance to heat. While they might not be able to bathe in lava, putting your hand into a flame is only bound to make you feel comfortably warm. Burping may also produce dull wisps of flame.
-Kirin have telekinetic powers much similar to those of unicorns but are thrown a wild card in that becoming too agitated will result in an explosion of anger which results in elongated canines and irises becoming stark white. The air around them also becomes noticeably hotter.



Human Application Guidelines

-While not possessing any degree of magic powers humans are far more integrated into society with skills, talents and connections that can be useful in the task of reuniting all the Equestrians. Keep the skills and talents relatively grounded within reality, which essentially means no genius billionaires or super hackers who can break into any mainframe with ease.

-Ponies aren’t very savvy when it comes to the internet and communication tools, humans however can use them freely and get in touch with others who might have found other Equestrians. Google is a mighty weapon indeed.

-Do attempt to play a character which is not just yourself. While indeed possible it’s not too terribly interesting is it? 

-Depending on your character’s living situation or career do try to keep in mind the kind of education needed to secure such positions. 

-If you wish to play a character who is under 18 they should be living with or within the company of some sort of guardian who can take care of them to some extent at the very least. 


Additional Notes:

-The ultimate goal of the RP is to get the Equestrians back together. Do try and keep this in mind and don’t wander off on some unrelated journey for too long, you’ve got friends back home who are worried about you no doubt. A secondary goal, for those who are aware, is to find out just what Ambient is up to. Such a villain shouldn’t be allowed to run around with impunity after all, especially if they potentially have the only means of returning you home.

-While humans may take the initiative in the hunt for other Equestrians this is not a universal rule. Meeting other ponies can occur by a variety of means.

-Inevitably romances or relationships may spring up along the way if you do please. This is not a requirement of course but it is a route you my pursue as you wish. They doesn’t mean the other character has to reciprocate, it is ultimately the choice of your partner on that front.

-Ask questions and answer questions! A curious Equestrian is no doubt more entertaining than one who is completely composed and familiar with their current predicament.


Application Forms

Note: For physical appearances feel free to attach reference images if you feel like you need them.
Equestrian Application
Species: (Earth Pony, Alicorn, Devilishly handsome god of chaos, etc.)
Age: (In human years)
Eye Color:
Hair Color: 
Physical Appearance (of pony form): 
Cutie Mark/Meaning:
Misc. Features:
Physical Appearance (of human form. Features like hair/eye color remain the same):
Human Application
Residence: (City/Country)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Physical Appearance:
Misc. Features: 

Cast List

Mane Six:
Princess Celestia - @Limestone-Pie
Ambient Antique - @Limestone-Pie
Misc. Canon Equestrians
Tempest Shadow - @Limestone-Pie
Equestrian OCs:
Faris Ritter - @Limestone-Pie
Samuel Lehmann - @Limestone-Pie


Example Applications: 

Note: No need to go into as much detail as mine, write as much as you're able/comfortable with. I just really like to fill out the particulars.

Edit: There are some spoiler format issues with the applications, they shall be fixed soon! Just beware, there is a lot of scrolling.

Equestrian Applications

Tempest Shadow


Name: Tempest Shadow/Fizzlepop Berrytwist

Species: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Residence: Canterlot

Occupation: Pony for hire, herald of the Storm King’s defeat. 

Likes: Making amends, having friends, traveling, action, fireworks, cold environments, fizzy drinks, hard work, taking charge, training.

Dislikes: Her broken horn, Ursa Minors, the Storm King, being called “Fizzy”, excessive sunshine, parties, socializing, sitting for too long, playing catch.

Quirk: Scratches her broken horn when anxious (which isn’t often!)

Eye Color: Moderate opal

Hair Color: Moderate rose

Height: 5’ 10’’

Physical Appearance (of pony form): Tempest is a dark and brooding unicorn, befitting her former position as the Storm King’s right hand. With a dark orchid colored mane and piercing opal eyes, she knows how to maintain an intimidating posture, helped in part that she stands slightly taller than most other ponies. She has a dull rose-hued mane which is sharply cut and slicked back into a mohawk of sorts, which serves to match her stiff posture. Her most noticeable feature is her shattered horn and the long scar which traces across her right eye. Often she’s not seen smiling, face being sternly set within a near-constant frown. At one time she wore dark plate armor for the Storm King which she has since replaced by a dark traveling cloak she keeps wrapped about herself, along with a billowing scarf to help her weather the harsh climes of Equestria’s wilds.

Cutie Mark/Meaning: None. At a young age Tempest had her horn shattered, altering the course of her life drastically. Ever since she never ended up gaining her cutie mark, but she has hope in finding some kind of purpose eventually.

Misc. Features: Tempest is deftly skilled in combat and has quick reflexes. She can’t use telekinesis very well as a human, creating sparks in her hand during an attempt.

Physical Appearance (of human form): As a human Tempest has a dark skin tone and a muscular build which betrays her physical regimen. A scar still traces across her right eye and a darker splotchy marking sits along the crest of her forehead where her horn used to be. Her hair still takes on a similar style to her pony form, sharply cut along the sides and slicked back in a striking manner. The clothes she arrived with are a tattered pair of blue jeans and a black sleeveless jacket which shows off her muscled arms. Her undershirt is a loose-fitting tee which is similarly dark like the rest of her attire but is reminiscent of her original coat of fur.


Backstory: Born into a small village in the rural regions of Equestria, Tempest (named Fizzlepop then) had a quiet and modest life along with her family making sweet beverages and sweets. Yet from an early age Tempest was ambitious and driven, striving for more out of life than her small village could provide. Having heard of Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns she was enamored by the possibility of heading to the capital someday and becoming a famed mage - trained under the princess herself. Every day was full of diligent practice and trips to the library to improve her craft of magic. Yet on one faithful day when she went to play with her best friends Spring Rain and Glitter Drops in the forest just outside the village the ball they had been throwing about rolled into a shadowy cave marked in ominous warnings. Though her friends advised against it Fizzlepop was brave and undeterred, striding into the cave and retrieving the ball. Yet it was the very light from her horn that was her undoing, disturbing an Ursa Minor from its slumber, the raging beast loomed over the filly and with one decisive strike severed her horn and scarred her right eye. The pain and fright had been so intense that she fainted on the spot.

How she had escaped...her parents said that her friends got her out just in time, but Fizzlepop had her doubts. With an intense pain coursing through her head recovery was slow, but it had become clear early on that she would never be able to focus her magic properly again without the aid of her horn. Fizzlepop became distant, immensely self-conscious about her appearance, but it was her friends drifting away and getting into the very school she strives so had for which stung the most. Embittered, the night she found out the news the young filly ran away from home and never looked back. It had been a rash decision in hindsight but after she found a small rocky alcove to take shelter in during the dead of night she ended up convincing herself that her folks would never want her back. Teaching herself how to survive in the wilds, Fizzlepop wanderer the land in a listless sort of existence without tarrying too long or contributing much. Those childhood experiences she clung to so tightly eventually transformed into bitterness and anger, becoming disillusioned at how the ponies of Equestria could value friendship so highly when she had been (supposedly) scorned by those she held most dear. Renaming herself Tempest Shadow to distance herself from her former life it was again by chance that she stumbled into her next line of work. Coming across a cashed airship from the Storm King’s territory, proving herself a capable warrior in fending off his troops attempting to retrieve an item known as the Misfortune Malachite it was decided she would make for a very useful asset to the cause. Coming under the employ of the Storm King in return for his attractive offer to restore her horn Tempest became a feared commander for the narcissistic despot.

For a number of years, she helped expand the Storm King’s empire until they made their surprise attack on Canterlot. Tempest pursued victory so zealously, feeling that at last she could feel whole again once she acquired the magic of the princesses for her master - who had always kept his promises and strung her along with sweet words. Yet at the moment of betrayal Tempest sacrificed herself to put an end to the Storm King, the kindness of Twilight Sparkle showing her the glimmer of friendship she’d been pining for all that time. In the aftermath Tempest was expecting some retribution for what she did, prison time or worse, and yet she was only met with kindness and understanding. It was very hard for her to grasp friendship after so many years in the dark, so she decided to make amends first by traveling Equestria and spreading the word of the Storm King’s defeat - helping out ponies how she could along the way. 

In time that task came to an end, and she returned to Equestria just in the nick of time to help put an end to the tyranny of Chrysalis and the rest of their foes. Since the Tempest has continued to wander across Equestria, feeling some satisfaction in helping others but remaining uncertain of what to do with her life. Recently acquiring a small residence in Canterlot she happened to be in the area around the time of the first annual “Festival of the Two Sisters”. With nothing to lose she decided to attend, not knowing of the kind of adventure that would soon await her...

Personality: While her time with the Storm King made her cold and bitter, returning to Equestria has lightened her mood somewhat. Now more receptive to the ideals of friendship, Tempest tries her very best to put her best foot forward when it comes to meeting new ponies. Still, her cynical outlook and brutal honesty are something that has yet to be fully overcome - not mincing words when she wants to make her distaste known. She can also hold longstanding grudges against those who have slighted her and be prone to fits of intense anger when she is pushed to the extreme. 

This is not to say that Tempest is all brash, in spite of her ‘punch first ask questions later’ sort of mindset. She is intensely motivated and will pour her all into any task she deems worth doing, having particular compassion for those who are in bad scrapes such as she was at one time. Tempest enjoys sharing her new perspective on the world and while she is hesitant about making new friends the unicorn does try her best in trying to keep an open mind going into new experiences.

Dragon Lord Ember


Name: Ember

Species: Dragon

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Residence: The Dragon Lands

Occupation: The Dragon Lord

Likes: Competitions, slam poetry, helping others find their strength, showing off her fortitude, gemstones, lounging on hot rocks, Spike. 

Dislikes: Singing, hugs, being judged for her size, talking about her feelings.

Quirk: She isn't particularly great with facial recognition or remembering names, unable to tell ponies apart from each other. 

Eye Color: Brilliant red.

Hair Color: While she doesn't have hair, Ember boasts spikes along the top of her head which are a moderate phthalo blue. 

Height: 6' 0'' 

Physical Appearance (of dragon form):  Ember is a bipedal dragon, standing with a relatively small and lithe stature next to most of her dragonkin. Her looks are deceiving however, as Ember possesses incredible strength despite her size. She is covered from head to toe in brilliant cyan scales, broken occasionally by small diamond-shaped patches of moderate indigo and cobalt hues. Along her underbelly are scales of a pale turquoise which run up her tail which ends in a small spade-shaped protrusion which is made of the same leathery material making up her wings. 

Ember’s facial features are sharp and angular in nature, which makes ponies assume that she is upset more often than not. Given how her eyebrows angle slightly downward it’s not unfair to make such a statement, as even the Dragon Lord’s resting face seems to have a stern air about it. From either side of her head protrude stark white horns which curl at a downward angle which only serve to accentuate her look. Along the top of Ember’s head run a set of darker blue spines which may appear sharp but are actually surprisingly soft to the touch. 

Cutie Mark/Meaning:  None, dragons don’t have those weird ‘cutie mark’ things.

Misc. Features:  Ember is in possession of the Bloodstone Scepter which indicates her status as Dragon Lord. She often doesn’t have it on her person when outside of the Dragon Lands however, only bringing it for formal appearances.

Physical Appearance (of human form.): Ember appears as caucasian, with pale skin and a relatively lighter build. Her face remains just as stern as it ever was, with pronounced cheekbones, a sharp nose and thinly pressed lips. Her hair is a wild tuft of spiky blue locks combed off to the left which are reminiscent of her Equestria form. The sides of her hair are grown out and fade into white, harkening back to her horns, the fringes curling at the very end - ultimately giving Ember a striking look compared to most humans on the street.

Her clothes she ends up first appearing with are a brilliant cyan hoodie with a slack undershirt which matches the color of her underbelly scales respectively. With a set of fingerless gloves, dark jeans and combat boots to match she appears much like a rough and tumble type. While the rest of her appearance has changed the Bloodstone Scepter has not altered in any significant respect. 


Backstory: Ember was born as the sole daughter to the legendary Dragon Lord Torch, a powerful tyrant who ruled over the Dragon Lands with an iron fist for longer than even some of her seniors could remember. Although she was given the title of ‘princess’ at birth it was only a technicality, there was no promised prestige or inheritance to her name unless she too was to get the Bloodstone Scepter during the next Gauntlet of Fire. Raised within the looming shadow of her father, Ember took to the harsh environment of their rocky kingdom and trained herself to be tough just like the other dragons. This mostly entailed in arm wrestling, lava diving, and other extreme physical challenges to prove one’s worth. Ember’s issue was however that she was a late bloomer, physically maturing slower than her peers - meaning that she was often chastised for being small. Even though her smaller stature didn’t mean she was any weaker than the larger dragons, size matters in the eyes of her father and the other dragons. Knowing she might not have to rely on strength alone if she wanted to be Dragon Lord some day, Ember also honed her logic and guile, which allowed her to be more receptive to more ideas...relative to her kin anyway. While mostly self-taught Ember taught herself new ways to outsmart the other dragons if her strength and assertiveness failed. 
In spite of her success Ember never truly gained much respect from her father due to her size and being put down about it constantly became a point of irritation for her, yet Ember was not one to challenge Torch on the subject very often. Her life changed after Spike and his pony friends arrived, helping her win the Gauntlet of Fire and at last gaining the respect she wanted. Ever since the start of her reign Ember has allowed things to go largely unchanged, letting dragons roughhouse as they pleased, but she slowly allowed her lands to be open to ponykind unlike any other time in history. Most dragons are still wary about all the strange customs of ponies but under Ember’s leadership they’ve been more or less receptive to try new things.

Personality: Though she is distinguished in having a more open mind than the rest of her kind Ember is subject to the same brashness and crude behavior which is present in most dragons. Once Ember has made up her mind there is little one can do to stop her from accomplishing her goal, being completely committed in thinking that her path is the correct one. She often doesn't pause to think if she's behaving in a way that isn't acceptable to the standards of ponies or the like, being impulsive to even take bites out of Twilight's castle under the assumption that it was a friendship offering. She also has a particular difficulty in expressing her feelings, being able to confide in others being something that's relatively new and unfamiliar to her. 

Ember does on occasion drop her guard and have more frank conversations with others, able to dispense advice and finding satisfaction in helping others find their inner strength. She wishes to talk like that more often, and less like the unwavering Dragon Lord she is meant to be, but she will actively turn away the chance lest someone tries to take advantage of her vulnerability - which dragons will tend to do amongst themselves.  

Princess Celestia


Name: Celestia

Species: Alicorn

Gender: Female

Age: 35 

Residence: None 

Occupation: Retired Monarch

Likes: Sweets, high octane activities, harmless pranks, writing letters, fall weather, stuffed animals, buckball, tea, flower gardens, teaching, sunshine, Luna.

Dislikes: Chickens, those who would do harm to other ponies, opera, stuffy diplomatic functions, arguing with her sister.
Quirk: She has a fondness for saying “My Little Ponies”. 

Eye Color: Pale magenta 

Hair Color: A four-striped combination of light cerulean, turquoise, cobalt blue, and heliotrope.
Height: 6’ 6”

Physical Appearance (of pony form): Celestia is a towering figure beside other ponies - matched only by the other Alicorns and Chrysalis. With an exceptionally long horn and a regal set of wings to match her size, they stand as symbols of her magical prowess and regal status. Her mane is comprised of four different distinctly striped colors and always seems to slowly billow in an unseen breeze, constantly sparkling and maintaining its form. With a stark white coat of fur Celestia radiates a positive aura of energy, highlighted by the small smile which almost always graces her features.
Cutie Mark/Meaning: A stylized sun, indicating her aptitude in raising it without effort. 
Misc. Features: None

Physical Appearance (of human form): As a human Celestia still remains a head above the rest, standing much taller than the average woman. She remains just as beautiful in the human world as she is in Equestria, with a radiant complexion and physique one might compare to a model or actress - but with some added weight which betrays her love of cakes. Her skin is olive-colored, like she has spent a considerable amount of time outdoors, and her rather youthful appearance betrays her true age. Her hair is long and billowing, flowing down right to the middle of her back.

Though no longer a princess, Celestia appears in the human world in a billowing white formal dress with gold fringe which makes it appear she just left some kind of formal event. 


Backstory: Celestia’s origin is a story known to few. Some speculate she is a god brought into flesh, others think she is a normal pony who transformed upon reaching the peak of her magical potential, but the answer falls somewhere in the middle. Celestia and Luna were born over a millennia ago when Equestria still remained largely untamed, still threatened by monsters left to roam after the downfall of Grogar’s Empire. While their parents had been powerful unicorn sorcerers both of their children were born as alicorns, something wholly unprecedented. Alicorns were something of a myth, a race of nigh-immortal ponies who were said to have given the land form out of chaos only to then vanish and never be heard from again. Needless to say their births sent a ripple effect through the fledgling nation state.

Star Swirl the Bearded, a preeminent magical scholar who was responsible for leading groups of unicorn sorcerers in raising the sun and moon, offered to take both children when they were old enough and instruct them in magic at Equestria’s then-capital. Naturally their parents agreed and both young ponies were sent to learn under the tutelage of the renowned mage. Celestia always dedicated herself wholly to her lessons, quickly being engrained with a feeling of responsibility due to her status as an alicorn. While she made many friends the elder sister ever felt particularly close to Luna and Star Swirl, with who she spent a majority of her hours. It became very clear that Celestia had incredible magical potential, mastering even the most complicated lessons with ease. Though as she entered late schooling tragedy struck when Celestia and Luna’s parents were stricken with terrible fatigue, having lost all their magic in their efforts to help raise and lower the celestial bodies each day. Though they were able to recover somewhat the lack of magic left them weak for the rest of their days.

As Star Swirl informed her of the plight of the unicorns, many of their brightest minds meeting the same fate, Celestia was possessed by the urge to help! Without hesitation the alicorn moved the sun all by herself much to the shock of those in attendance. It was then that Celestia received her cutie mark and her purpose finally became clear, she would take up the task of moving the sun alongside her sister. The ponies now free of their burden rejoiced and looked to the alicorn for guidance, some even posing the idea of installing her as their new queen - a symbol embodying all three pony races to finally unite the tribes once and for all. It was overwhelming to think about, especially given she hadn’t yet finished her schooling but with Star Swirl’s blessing as well as the other heads of the pony tribes backing the decision Celestia agreed to the awesome power of the position - but only on the condition that Luna could rule by her side.

The rest of Celestia’s life story is far too long to account without having multiple volumes written about it. In her early years of rulership there were many challenges to confront: Tirek, the Sirens, sealing away the chaos god Discord, and the loss of her mentor in their attempt to seal the Pony of Shadows. Yet there was nothing that took a toll on Celestia more than the banishment of her sister after her transformation into the tyrannical Nightmare Moon. Given their near-immortal lifespan Celestia had taken her sister for granted as someone who would always be by her side. Now without her constant companion, Celestia found herself incredibly lonely. 

Leaving the old castle behind the elder alicorn established Canterlot as the new capital, ruling there for nearly a thousand years. Her reign marked a near continuous age of prosperity and peace for all ponies, and Celestia gained a reputation for temperance and benign wisdom. Yet as time drew on Celestia found herself worn down by years of late hours staying up to control both the sun and moon. The potency of her magic began to wane with time and concerned about the future of her kingdom Celestia opened her school for gifted unicorns in search of a potential successor.

Even after the return of her sister Celestia was still plagued by the weariness which had taken hold after a millennia under the crown. Yet with Twilight being as promising a student as she had hoped the alicorn hoped that she’d be there was hope that she may soon retire. In time after a series of returning villains and other crises Celestia at last got her chance to step down from the throne and give comfortably in a luxury retirement home...

But it turned out that quiet life surrounded by old ponies didn’t have the kind of appeal that she thought it would went looking at the pamphlet. She needed more excitement, and there were ponies out there who she might still be able to help even without her position as princess. So Celestia set off and has been traveling about Equestria ever since. At Twilight’s request she has returned to Canterlot to take part in the first annual Festival of the Two Sisters.

Personality: Celestia is defined first and foremost by her kindness. She is soft spoken and has a near-infinite amount of patience when it comes to listening to other ponies. Her manner of speech is very refined and elevated, a habit she hasn’t broken after years of being a princess, but she does speak more casually and express her exuberance around those with who she’s more familiar. When there is a grave threat to Equestria Celestia becomes deathly serious and won’t hesitate to bring her wrath down upon those who would seek to doom to all she’s worked for. Still, her temperance has also made Celestia an excellent teacher and she is exceptionally open to different ideas and perspectives if she thinks they can benefit others. Whenever a pony asks her for advice Celestia freely dispenses her wisdom, taking great pleasure in passing on the knowledge of what she’s learned. 
Celestia also likes to often be obtuse in her motives, never fully explaining herself until a friendship lesson has been learned. She also enjoys quiet time for tea and being outdoors, but the liberating freedom of her retirement has allowed for Celestia to indulge in more high octane activities like skydiving and the like. This is in part an extension of her love for harmless pranks, which provided a needed diversion from the mundanity of her royal duties.

This is not to say that Celestia is without flaws however, often being so unconditional in her kindness that she overlooks the potential evils in a pony’s heart. She also has the propensity to get so wrapped up in her own plans that she’ll ignore the needs of others around her, as Luna knows to a more personal degree than most

Ambient Antique


Name: Ambient Antique

Species: Unicorn

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Residence: Unknown 

Occupation: Villain of the Week(?)

Likes: Ancient artifacts/history, grape juice, the status quo, academic essays, pine-scented candles, exotic items.

Dislikes: Ponies interrupting her work, socializing, the unknown. 

Quirk: Often is prone to thinking aloud.

Eye Color: Aquamarine

Hair Color: A dull shade of honey with one dusty orange streak.

Height: 5’9”

Physical Appearance (of pony form): Ambient isn’t an imposing figure by any means, being a not much different than the average Equestrian unicorn in height. Slightly thinner than other ponies, this peach-colored mare often has her mane held up in a ponytail to keep it from falling into her face - yet her wild bangs often stick out at odd angles like she hadn’t bothered to brush her hair after waking up. With a thin-rimmed pair of glasses which sit upon her muzzle she has a professorial look about her, with dark circles running under her eyes like she doesn’t get too much sleep.

Cutie Mark/Meaning: An ancient urn, denoting her talent in researching the artifacts of Equestria’s past.

Misc. Features: Her horn courses with a mysterious yellow and black energy!

Physical Appearance (of human form): Just as unassuming as she is in her pony form, Ambient wouldn’t appear out of place behind a library desk. Thin and drawn in on herself, she had a slightly hunched posture which makes her seem older than she really is. Her clothes are drab and flat-colored dress suit topped with a jacket that would only look particularly fashionable at a stuffy university. Her skin is light and seems to betray the fact that she doesn’t go outside too terribly often.

Backstory: Much of Ambient’s background remains unknown, but it doesn’t seem too terribly interesting next to the lives of the Elements or the Princesses. At one time it was known that her family lived in Canterlot and that Ambient attended rather affluent schools, but despite her unicorn heritage she never seemed too particularly interested in magical pursuits - finding the history behind the spells far more interesting than the magic itself. Graduating with flying colors Ambient went on to get a position at a university as a researcher of ancient artifacts - one which she held for a couple of years before suddenly going missing on a research expedition. Nobody was particularly certain what happened to her, at least not until the Festival of the Two Sisters.

Personality: (???)


Human Applications

Faris Ritter


Name: Faris Ritter

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Residence: Chicago

Occupation: Museum security guard

Likes: Helping others, working out, animated shows/movies, writing, reading high fantasy novels, photography, walking around the city, cheap Chinese food, museums, watching the moon.

Dislikes: Intolerant folks, being late, showing her work to others, lawbreakers, being forced into social situations. 

Quirk: Often will flash the peace sign as a form of affirmation.

Eye Color: Dark brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5’ 11” 

Physical Appearance: As an Asian American Faris has distinct features that indicate her heritage, namely the tone of her skin and the slight narrowing of her eyes. Since she was a child Faris had cut her hair short, never growing much beyond her shoulders, but since moving out she has begun to comb it over off to the left side of her face - keeping it rather long as she shaves down the right side of her head significantly. Her eyes are a deep chocolate brown, which seems to match her muted aesthetic. When not seen in her standard-issue guard uniform for the museum Faris has an affinity for workout shorts and bright graphic tees of either her favorite show at the moment or some obscure eighties band. 
Faris stands slightly taller than most of her female peers and has the physique to match, boasting large muscles and a set of abs indicating her years of regimental training. She has a set of stern cheekbones which only go to bolster her stern and rough exterior, but usually she tries to give a smile to offset this. A pair of dark circles seem constantly present under her eyes which betray her long nights and short rests during the day, always making her appear mildly fatigued. 

Misc. Features: None 

Backstory: Born to an American father working odd hours in the Chicago rail yards and a Chinese mother running a small flower stall,  there was never very much money to go around. To only make matters worse she was born with underdeveloped vocal cords, essentially making her a mute from birth. This reality only brought tensions to her parent's relationship but her mother always tried her best to give her an easier life. Her father in the meantime never seemed too particularly pleased about Faris' handicap and was never one to give too much affection during her formative years, compounding that with his spotty schedule at the yard meant that he was never much of a present figure in her life. 
Raised in a less well-to-do district of the city Faris had to grow up quickly to deal with all the challenges that presented her, especially as a mute - what streets to avoid, who to stay away from, and how to look after the house when her parents were away. With both of them holding down jobs to keep the house it was up to young Faris to take care of things on top of attending school. The school was something of a passion for Faris as it gave her opportunities to read, but given the area the quality of the curriculum was never particularly above average. Due to her disability, it was especially hard for her to participate in meaningful ways in class or make friends, thus leading to the bullying which is typical in the early school environment. This lead to her later taking boxing and weight-lifting classes at a local gym every week with her father when he was available, one of the few things he seemed genuinely happy to make time for. 

Despite her passion for wanting to engross herself and write as a form of expression as a secondary outlet to her workouts Faris was never a particularly stellar student and got average grades up through her high-school career. Despite many external forces that could have pushed her toward negative influences like drugs peddled on the street it was Faris' mother who kept her on the straight and narrow. She was an opinionated woman who was never afraid to give her a stern talking-to, thus imprinting many of the same ethics on to her. Faris learned the important values of hard work to get what she wanted and being kind to others, often manifesting in her sticking up for other disabled kids in her school with her fists rather than words - getting her quite acquainted with the vice principal during her tenure at the school. 

With the internet just starting to come into prominence around this time Faris would often go to the library when she had free time and post her short stories in primitive forums and see the work of others. She was particularly enchanted by the stories of brave knights in bright fantasy settings, often imagining herself in the role of such a warrior!

During high school Faris also got into photography as an extension of her creative talents, getting a job sweeping hair at a small parlor to save up enough to buy a camera for herself. This would lead her to develop a habit of wandering around the city and snapping candid shots of various happening on the street, filling binders with photographs just for her own perusal.

Upon graduating from high school Faris was aimless in her life, while writing and photography seemed like natural avenues her own trepidation in putting forth formally published and professional work was intimidating. For the next few years she continued to live with her parents, deciding to take night classes at a downtown community college for business which she passed. Still not finding her calling Faris decided on putting her martial skills to better use and ended up securing a job at the Field Museum. The pay isn't anything to write home about but it has allowed Faris to move out and get a small apartment all on her own.

Given that she is assigned the night shifts much of Faris' schedule has altered so that she sleeps during a majority of the daylight hours and is up during the late evenings. When she isn't working at the museum Faris is either writing or taking pictures of the city, her social anxieties wrought by her inability to speak lead her to not get out too terribly often.

For work Faris has decided to buy herself a small soundboard with several pre-recorded phrases on it (kindly provided by her friend Kai) so that she might quickly get someone's attention when it's needed. 

Personality: Faris is a quiet person, but that's not by choice, yet it's her inability to speak which has defined her entire life. Growing up in an area where few people bothered or cared to learn sign language to communicate with her she's naturally socially awkward in just about every scenario - sticking to the corners just to be out of people's way, but Faris does enjoy soaking up the social atmosphere. For those who can speak in signs, she can be quite ecstatic upon first encountering them but she always remains deliberate when coming up with what to say. 
Naturally Faris has an eye for the creative, able to find a story in just about every mundane situation. In some ways this has made her rather good at investigations, able to deduce several 'out of the box' methods how a crime could have occurred. She has a natural empathy towards those with disabilities or the less fortunate and will go out of her way to help them in any way she can, whether that was carrying their bags or scaring off a tormentor. 

Her mother instilled many righteous values into Faris and she has a strong sense of right and wrong, getting impassioned when she sees something amiss. This also has made her have a very established routine and innate duty to finish any task she starts, almost to a compulsory degree. While she does like to let loose and have fun from time to time Faris strictly abides by the law and tries to follow the rules to the letter. Much of her free time is absorbed by writing, reading, photography or going to work out at the gym. 

When it comes to meeting others Faris tries to be friendly and outgoing as much as possible in spite of her discomfort, flashing a toothy smile, a wave, or a peace sign. Online, Faris often talks in creative writing forums about her own personal projects and is far more chatty with the expanded opportunities to express herself. Despite the seriousness she applies to her career and in life Faris does have an affinity for more childish things to make up for the childhood she happened to miss out on. She happens to indulge herself in various anime and cartoons which she displays on the walls of her apartment. 

Samuel Lahmann


Name: Samuel Lehmann 
Gender: Male
Age: 56 
Residence: Washington D.C
Occupation: Freelance Journalist/History Author
Likes: History, monuments, visiting the library, writing, doing research, intellectual discussions, cherry blossoms. 
Dislikes: Cooking for himself, slovenly behavior, litter, loud noises, any music made after the 1960's. 
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Gray
Height: 5' 11"
Physical Appearance: Samuel is an wiry older man, one look at him would give you the impression of someone who fancies themselves a learned scholar. With graying hair that (thankfully) has retained much of its volume, Samuel keeps it longer in front just to brush up and to the side. His face is gaunt and has begun to show more of its age, but he still retains a relatively good look in spite of that fact. With a thin mustache perched on his upper lip and a set of reading glasses upon his slightly crooked nose, his stern expression has an air of noble refinement. He isn’t particularly strong or fit however, with a pale complexion which suggests that he doesn’t spend much time in the outdoors.
All the same Samuel is most often seen wearing a dusty brown dress coat over a white collared button-up and tie, alongside a set of perfectly-pressed pants. Oftentimes he also carries a leather bag over his shoulder packed to the brim with pens and writing paper, the worn straps showing their considerable use over the years.

Misc. Features: None
Backstory: Born into a family of moderate wealth, Samuel was the middle child of two other siblings. From an early age his father reinforced the virtues of educating ones-self in all things in order to find success in life, which he took to heart. With their family’s impressive collection of books Samuel would often spend his free time reading and listening along to the radio. These habits at such a young age quickly got him interested in history, specially of that of the founding of America. While in school he went on to write small pieces for a local paper, refining his craft, and by the time of graduation was assured in his pursuit of a career in writing and historical research.

Attending university in Pennsylvania, Samuel spent a number of years earning his degree in the subject and ended up leaving with masters in American History - along with additional experience in journalism. For a number of years he then went to work at the same university he graduated from, doing most of his work archiving and publishing scholarly articles on various objects within their collections. Though as the years wore on the work became less fulfilling and Samuel found himself drawn more toward the obscure and odd historical narratives. Finding the subject matter too tantalizing to resist, Samuel moved to a small apartment in Washington to pursue work on a novel compiling a number of these fascinating historical anecdotes. To keep up rent on the loft Samuel has taken up freelance work for various newspapers and periodicals around the city, making ends meet while also finding enough time to chip away at his novel. Between trips to the various libraries and his journalistic pursuits he doesn’t find much time to take breaks or go outside too terribly often.

Personality: Most would say that Samuel is a dry and humorless type, one who has devoted his entire life to a single minded pursuit of knowledge. He isn’t the type to be up to date on modern trends or fashion, but is surprisingly proficient in the use of the internet for research purposes. There is only one real topic of interest Samuel seems to be interested in discussing, and that’s matters of history. It is very rare that he seems very passionate about discussing little else, and will often give unwanted lectures when people are just wanted a normal conversation.

Samuel is also a man of high morals and philosophy, believing that there is a very specific way one should act. While he won’t actively confront anyone about it in public, within a private space he will be sure to let someone know how he feels! In the rare moments that he has to relax Samuel will read a book or the like, also being partial to listening to old radio dramas. A completely rational individual, Samuel isn’t one to believe in the paranormal or other phenomena, liking to remain grounded within reason.  

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Interesting! :sassy: So I take it this human world is like the one from Equestria Girls, or is this one more like the real Earth?

I do have a fan character that might fit, but I wouldn't mind applying for Tirek as well.

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24 minutes ago, Samurai Equine said:

Interesting! :sassy: So I take it this human world is like the one from Equestria Girls, or is this one more like the real Earth?

I do have a fan character that might fit, but I wouldn't mind applying for Tirek as well.

This is the real Earth, absolutely, so don't expect to find a 'Canterlot High' stashed away anywhere :kindness: - just boring ol' humans.

I encourage you to apply if you're interested though, I'd love to see what you can bring to the table. 

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All righty then~ And naturally, feel free to only choose one or two of these. I don't really want to do all three. I'm just submitting to see if there's one you like best. :mlp_grin:

Villain Application:


Name: Lord Tirek
Species: Centaur
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, but as a human, would appear to be somewhere between 50's-70's. (Midlife, but not quite senior citizen)
Residence: None currently, prefers to drift.
Occupation: Villain
Likes: Hoarding power
Dislikes: Friendship and sentimentality
Quirk: Looks out only for himself, often leading him to be insecure about who he can trust, and will usually treat others close to him like pawns to be used and eventually disposed of.
Eye Color: Golden yellow
Hair Color: Black with a long grey beard
Height: Usually depends, but his typical human height is around 6ft 10in.
Physical Appearance (centaur from): It usually depends on how much magic he has absorbed. He can go from normal-sized and frail with tiny horns, to strong and tall with regular-sized horns, to gigantic and overbearing with extra-long bull horns! He is a mix of maroon red and black, metal hooves and shackle accessories, and eyes that have gone black with only the yellow pupils visible. He also has a grey beard
Cutie Mark/Meaning: None.
Misc. Features: Nose ring
Physical Appearance (Human form): As a human, he's usually built like a body builder. His clothes will tone it down a little bit, but not much. His eyes will be normal, white, human eyes but still retain the golden yellow pupils.
Backstory: Heir to the evil King Vorak and Queen Haydon and older brother to Scorpan, Tirek is an escapee from Tartarus. After mastering the art of magic-absorbing, a taboo power, he was punished for his deeds. This ability has corrupted his mind, making him grow up to be power-hungry, literally.
Personality: Power-hungry, pompous, cocky, arrogant, over confident, superiority complex, borderline god-complex.

There were many more details I could have added, but I wasn't sure how much to develop without approval. As a human, I thought it would be best if his mid-way magically enhanced form was humanized rather than his full-power form. But if you prefer Tirek be a humanoid version of his powerless form, I can edit this. Also wasn't sure what to put for him human clothes. Had some ideas, but some of them seemed silly.

Equestrian Application:


Name: Trilby Hatter
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Residence: Own his own house and his own business building.
Occupation: Haberdasher, specifically for hats only. On occasion, can make some fashion accessories, but tends to stick to hats.
Likes: Fashion (mostly male fashion), caffeinated drinks (except coffee), fun activities, fantasy stories, generally being helpful.
Dislikes: Uncultured brutes, jerks, villains, getting his best clothes dirty, insects.
Quirk: Genuinely believes that a good hat can solve just about any problem. Also dreams of being a part of something bigger in life, perhaps an adventurous hero, but his misfortune in life usually prevents that.
Eye Color: Reddish brown.
Hair Color: Orange with white stripes.
Height: Average stallion height.
Physical Appearance (of pony form): Average stallion build. Light grey. Typically wears a snazzy, wide-brim fedora with fancy dress clothes.
Cutie Mark/Meaning: A hat and a pair of scissors. It denotes his ability to skillfully make hats. It came to him when he realized just how happy he can make others with the simple gesture of giving them a hat that fits who they are.
Misc. Features: Basic levitation magic, nothing else.
Physical Appearance (of human form. Features like hair/eye color remain the same): Human with regular white skin. The white stripe in his hair is replaced with a black stripe. Khaki dress pants and white dress shoes added.
Backstory: When Trilby was a kid, he didn't grow up with a father. He grew up with a mother who struggled to make ends meet, often making clothes and other necessities at home. He learned some things from her, like how to make a quick hat. He was bullied and didn't always have friends. One day, he saw another kid getting bullied, a fate he would never wish on anypony else. To cheer him up, he made this kid a hat. In turn, the kid gained a new confident outlook on life, stood up to his bullies, and became a happier young stallion. Seeing the happiness and confidence in that young stallion because of one simple gift, Trilby knew he wanted to do that for the rest of his life, and that's how he got his cutie mark and how his life truly began.
Personality: Nice, fun loving, hates morning, works hard, detail-oriented, a romantic at heart, day dreams of bigger things, likes to play, usually laid-back but can have bursts of showmanship.

This is my other go-to OC that mostly (but not completely) resembles me in real life. I don't make hats in real life (would love to develop a skill like that). I included a ref image to make things easier.

This last application is for a human version of that OC above. I changed a few things, like name, to make him more human. I'll let you decide which would be more fitting for this RP. I really don't want to play both the Equastrian and Human character. Just one will do. It would be kind of strange for him to meet his doppelganger.

Human Application:


Name: Thomas Gibson
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Residence: Apartment
Occupation: Haberdasher, specifically for hats only. On occasion, can make some fashion accessories, but tends to stick to hats. Has a physical and online shop.
Likes: Fashion (mostly male fashion), caffeinated drinks (except coffee), fun activities, fantasy stories, generally being helpful.
Dislikes: Uncultured brutes, jerks, villains, getting his best clothes dirty, insects.
Quirk: Genuinely believes that a good hat can solve just about any problem. Also dreams of being a part of something bigger in life, perhaps an adventurous hero, but he knows that's just fantasy and he doesn't have what it takes to be anything close (policeman, military soldier, etc.)
Eye Color: Deep brown.
Hair Color: Black with a few dyed streaks of orange.
Height: 6ft, give or take.
Physical Appearance: Average build. Typically wears a snazzy, wide-brim fedora with fancy dress clothes; but he can wear other things depending on the situation.
Misc. Features: None.
Backstory: When Thomas was a kid, he didn't grow up with a father. He grew up with a mother who struggled to make ends meet, often making clothes and other necessities at home. He learned some things from her, like how to make a quick hat. He was bullied and didn't always have friends. One day, he saw another kid getting bullied. To cheer him up, he made this kid a hat. In turn, the kid gained a new confident outlook on life, stood up to his bullies, and became a happier young stallion, a fate he would never wish on anyone else. Seeing the happiness and confidence in that classmate because of one simple gift, Thomas knew he wanted to do that for the rest of his life, and that's how his life truly began.
Personality: Nice, fun loving, hates morning, works hard, detail-oriented, a romantic at heart, day dreams of bigger things, likes to play, usually laid-back but can have bursts of showmanship.

If I need to get more specific about any details, please let me know!

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@Samurai Equine

I feel like you're on the right track with your Tirek application but I do think it could use some more elaboration at least in terms of the backstory and personality department. Don't feel like you need to be wholly constrained by what you see in the show, you can apply some of your own headcanons and ideas too if you feel like it'll make the character more interesting - and most importantly - fun for you to play! I do agree that he'd appear at that midway point between his weakened and fully beefed up form though. I would like to see what you'd think Tirek would wear though, the goal is to have fun as I said. Even if it is a little goofy, that'd make it all the better for him to comment on and no doubt be irritated by. Hope that helps! :yay:

As for your human application, I shall accept it! Though I would like you to note exactly where they happen to be living - a town/city to be more specific. Also you called them a stallion in the backstory section by mistake - I just thought I'd mention it.

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19 hours ago, Limestone-Pie said:

@Samurai Equine

I feel like you're on the right track with your Tirek application but I do think it could use some more elaboration at least in terms of the backstory and personality department. Don't feel like you need to be wholly constrained by what you see in the show, you can apply some of your own headcanons and ideas too if you feel like it'll make the character more interesting - and most importantly - fun for you to play! I do agree that he'd appear at that midway point between his weakened and fully beefed up form though. I would like to see what you'd think Tirek would wear though, the goal is to have fun as I said. Even if it is a little goofy, that'd make it all the better for him to comment on and no doubt be irritated by. Hope that helps! :yay:

It was a challenge on what I should put, and what I shouldn't.

I honestly like how Tirek is portrayed in the show, and that's why I may have left any details out. It's Tirek, we all know who he is. I think I could pull that off well and have just as much over-the-top fun with it! I wouldn't be submitting if I didn't know how to ham it up. :yay: I don't really have any head canons about him, but if you need me to be more flexible in how he's portrayed, I can do that too.

As for what he'd wear... At first, for some reason I was thinking of having him dress like a viking, with a tunic and everything, and he'd have a horned helmet to represent his actual horns. But since traveling to human world gives you period-matching attire, maybe something more modern would be right. In that case, I could see him wearing mostly black athletic clothes, a belt with a big flashy buckle clip, a maroon dress jacket with a hood, and maybe some cloth horns sewn on the hood itself.

I'm always open to suggestions though. Is there anything else I should elaborate on? :)

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13 hours ago, Samurai Equine said:

It was a challenge on what I should put, and what I shouldn't.

I honestly like how Tirek is portrayed in the show, and that's why I may have left any details out. It's Tirek, we all know who he is. I think I could pull that off well and have just as much over-the-top fun with it! I wouldn't be submitting if I didn't know how to ham it up. :yay: I don't really have any head canons about him, but if you need me to be more flexible in how he's portrayed, I can do that too.

As for what he'd wear... At first, for some reason I was thinking of having him dress like a viking, with a tunic and everything, and he'd have a horned helmet to represent his actual horns. But since traveling to human world gives you period-matching attire, maybe something more modern would be right. In that case, I could see him wearing mostly black athletic clothes, a belt with a big flashy buckle clip, a maroon dress jacket with a hood, and maybe some cloth horns sewn on the hood itself.

I'm always open to suggestions though. Is there anything else I should elaborate on? :)

No that'd be just fine. I do think that him appearing with a helmet on would be interesting, especially when it comes to interacting with normal humans and the like. Now it's just a matter of getting some other people together to participate!

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Hello! I'd like to apply with my pony OC :3

I've included some pictures as well.

Name: Conch Shell
Species: Pegasus 
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Residence: Winsome Falls
Occupation: Travelling Merchant
Likes: Berry smoothies, animal crackers, long walks on the beach
Dislikes: Pollution, thunder & lightning
Quirk: Her mane always smells like the oceon
Eye Color: Misty green
Hair Color: light green
Height: 4 feet
Physical Appearance (of pony form): 

Cutie Mark/Meaning: A hermit crab with a yellow shell with blue stripes. Her talent is Oceanography.
Misc. Features:
Physical Appearance:

10683280_ConchShellhuman.thumb.jpg.a35ca410638986f60f0d103679ae6248.jpg (This is an older drawing, so please imagine her with fluffier hair).

Conch Shell was born in Cloudsdale, though didn't stay there very long. Her Father, Aqua Pura was a very dedicated Oceanographist who dedicated his life to studying it. One night, he was on a boat all alone researching shark migration, as he knew that this part of the water was where they were most found. He was quickly murdered during a shark attack, the news reaching his former home in Cloudsdale in a blink of an eye.

Conch Shell and her Mother decided to move away to Manehatten, though her Mother Torchlight quickly grew ill from all the smog and died two years later. 

Conch Shell, wanting a calmer lifestyle with less risks, moved to Winsome Falls where she now follows in her Father's hoofprints. She works as a Travelling Merchant to make money, though studies Oceanography in her spare time. 

Personality: Conch shell is very knowledgeable in not just her field, but also many other things, like Ursa's astronomy books. She is gentle and careful with others, though is not afraid to be assertive (she just doesn't like starting anything). She doesn't like starting conversations, but will gladly participate if she is needed. She isn't bold, but isn't shy either.  


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