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I think we've needed this for a long time, especially since the new Twilight Zone series came out this year. A question for everyone here: What are your favorite Twilight Zone episodes?

Personally, my top 10 (All except 1 are from the original series): 

  1. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
  2. Time Enough at Last
  3. A Stop at Willoughby
  4. To Serve Man
  5. The After Hours
  6. Walking Distance
  7. Long Distance Call
  8. A Traveler (2019)
  9. Living Doll
  10. The Obsolete Man

I'd also ask what your favorite series is, but I feel like there's not really going to be basically anyone who isn't going to say the original anthology's 5-season run, because there is not really much denying that that is better than most of the Twilight Zone series from after that... :dry: Well, of course other TZ related discussions can go here too. :twi:

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Hmmm.... in no particular order and since I haven't actually watched all of them, and don't remember most of the titles...

The one where a concentration camp leader returns to it.

"It's a good life."

Time Enough at Last and

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street {because they're classics for a reason}

The one with dead man's shoes.

The one with the guy who could change his face.

Shadow Play

People Are The Same All Over.


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"Night of the Meek" is my very best favorite episode. Every once in a while, crossing that threshold into the Twilight Zone, can lead you to something profound and good. 

"One for the Angels" is my second favorite, for the same reason.

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I still watch it on MeTV everyday at late night and yes they do start over the episodes from the 1 season so I'd watch a few about five or six times. I love old Noir shows.  I have so many but these ten stood out for me hence the meaning behind it. 

  1. I am the night- color me black
  2.  The masks
  3.  The monster are due to maple street 
  4.  Kick the can
  5.  four O' clock
  6.  He's alive
  7. 90 years without sleeping
  8. Nothing in the dark
  9.  A nice place to visit 
  10.  A big tall wish.



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Many of which were already mentioned but a few I want to mention that have stuck with me personally:

Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up? because I really like the ensemble episodes where each character is memorable.

Five Characters in Search of an Exit for the same reason as above but more so because of the mystery element behind the situation.

A Quality of Mercy is probably the best role reversal episode they did just by the perfect middle ground they took with it, especially with it being our involvement in WWII.

The New Exhibit for the macabre angle of it with the use of dead infamous killers that keep you on edge just as much as the characters.

I Sing the Body Electric for probably the most solemnly heartwarming experience an episode has had besides maybe Night of the Meek. It has such a unique take on death that the resolution sticks with you and if one of the few times you sort of wish your life was like the Twilight Zone.


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Does anyone here like Twilight Zone: The Movie? The Joe Dante directed version of It's a Good Life terrified me and the John Lithgow Nightmare at 20,000 feet was fantastic (once on 3rd Rock from the Sun both he and Shatner made reference to a man on the wing of a plane).


The story about the tragic helicopter accident behind the movie is so sad though, which I had only found out about a couple years ago and makes it hard to watch...I don't think I've watched it since hearing about it.

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On 11/24/2019 at 9:22 PM, PiratePony said:

Does anyone here like Twilight Zone: The Movie?

No I haven't but I figure not since it's just a remake of the previous episodes..not sure what's the difference though. 

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