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Maradice Isle - Should the higher level HP and MP items not be sold in stores?

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Well, things are certainly heating up in the world of Maradice Isle. With the much anticipated "Alchemy" system on the horizon, players will FINALLY be able to gather raw materials around the game world ( either bought from vendors, dropped from monsters, collected in specific areas, or any combination of the 3 ) and either create or upgrade their items to help them on their journey to stop Strange Tidings from wiping out the world before Season 9 can even take place ( that is where the game is set; Between S8 and S9 ).


So this has me wondering this: Since it will be possible to take a Minor Healing Potion, and upgrade it all the way to a Max Healing Potion with the right materials, at what point should the in-game stores stop selling the higher level Healing Potions ( heals a single character ), Mist Potions ( heals all characters in the party ), and Star Lights ( restores MP )?


As of now, these are all the ones that are in the game, in ascending order from weakest to strongest:

- Healing Potion ( Minor > Medium > Large > Ultra > Max )

- Mist Potion ( Minor > Medium > Large > Ultra > Max )

- Star Lights ( Star Light > Silver Light > Platinum Light > Premium Light )


NOTE: There are higher level versions of Elixir's and Angel's Tears, but I'm already not planning to have those sold in any store.

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  • Fhaolan changed the title to Maradice Isle - Should thehttps://mlpforums.com/topic/188380-maradice-isle-should-the-higher-level-hp-and-mp-items-not-be-sold-in-stores/ higher level HP and MP items not be sold in stores?

I’m just going to drop this in here so others know the context



Hm. Mid game might make it more challenging and put a focus on crafting. It ultimately depends on how to anticipate the economy needs of the player at the same time and what other items and equipment will compete at that level and what the rate of acquired income would be. 

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I'm going to try and get another demo out while I'm waiting for the tilesets I need to design the rest of the game. I just finished designing the alchemy system. And if I'm lucky, I may be able to use it's menu design as a basis for FINALLY adding in an item that can warp you to any previously visited town. That will probably be the next thing I work on.

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