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Ranking the 21st episodes


Favorite Episode 21  

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  1. 1. Which would be your favorite 21st episode?

    • Over a Barrel by Dave Polsky
    • Dragon Quest by Merriwether Williams
    • Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3 by Amy Keating Rogers
    • Scare Master by Natasha Levinger
    • Every Little Thing She Does by Mike Vogal
    • Marks and Recreation by May Chan
    • A Rockhoof and a Hard Place by Kaita Mpambara
    • Daring Doubt by Nicole Dubuc

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Well I guess with the increase in topics allowed now these rankings get buried faster, so I'll just put out the rest of them in the upcoming weeks. But if you ever want to do ones you missed just search the "ranking" tag I've attached to each thread.

Anyway episode 21 will most certainly be a mixed bag filled with fantastic writing decisions or questionable ones that all rely on your personal feeling toward the characters and lessons involved.

1. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3- When others talk about Season 4 being great this is why and for good reason. This episode does such a great job at not only respecting the lesson and Rainbow Dash but by involving all the Mane 6 flawlessly. Plus it was nice to display that other study tactics that do work but it's not for everyone.

2. Daring Doubt- I think it's my ambivalence to Daring Do that keeps this high. Because inspite of the ending, it's the characterization of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy that make this so enjoyable. Their contrasting side but done so with believability for both work exceptionally well.

3. Every Little Thing She Does- Is this too high for you? I would've made it higher if I could. As time went on I've loved this episode more and more just because of how Starlight has evolved from it. It's a perfect showcase of what was wrong with her and the flawed attempt both in universe and out to fix it and the lesson shows that too by what it stresses and what it doesn't. Plus I can't lie and say the brainwashed Mane 5 aren't hilarious.

4. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place- Rockhoof was definitely one of the weakest pillars(ironic isn't it) in terms of character in Season 7 but this episode does a fine job of adding depth to his character. And for me personally feels the analogy was developed enough in universe well to avoid serious implications. Plus it was a please to check up and see how the other pillars were doing too.

5. Scare Master- A fine Fluttershy episode especially with it's unique moral that can be applied beyond the context of the episode. Plus getting another Halloween episode is just fun as the environment and atmosphere is wonderfully thriving.

6. Marks and Recreation- This is a pretty dull episode but it's mostly my Crusaders bias that brings it up. Their interaction with other foals and especially Rumble is such a delight it's just a shame beyond the song Rumble's not that interesting. Although the lesson at the end with Thunderlane is great and does help the episode immensely.

7. Over a Barrel- I don't believe this is a bad episode, just a pretty dull one all things considered. The first act is quite honestly the best part from the train ride to arriving in Appleloosa with the character interaction and quick humor. However it grinds to a hault really fast with the buffalo who are just dull. Also the conflict is maybe a little too on the nose and yet not that touch upon to it's fullest either. Still it's not that bad and parts are enjoyable.

8. Dragon Quest- Now this is a bad episode. It's actually impressive how much out of the way the show has gone to forget this episode even happened. Makes dragons seem rare and unapproachable yet every episode since they are very prevalent in the world just to themselves and a little stand off-ish. Plus it's yet another Spike episode where he doesn't feel good enough brought on by the Mane 6 except this almost felt intentional. It's just a horribly muddled episode all around, even Pee-wee has to leave off-screen.

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19 minutes ago, KH7672 said:

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3- When others talk about Season 4 being great this is why and for good reason. This episode does such a great job at not only respecting the lesson and Rainbow Dash but by involving all the Mane 6 flawlessly. Plus it was nice to display that other study tactics that do work but it's not for everyone.

Oh my God, this has always been my most relatable episode in the entire show. From start to finish. I always saw Rainbow Dash as the Mane 6 I relate to the least, so to have every single scene remind me of my struggles in school, is quite impressive.

Not to mention it's Twilight who learns the lesson that there's always new ways of studying, especially since this is Season 4 where some fans thought now that she was an Alicorn she would be too perfect to learn a lesson.

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Yeesh, one of these episodes is a classic, but the rest are pretty unremarkable

1) Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 - Honestly one of the episodes that probably defines "Friendship is Magic" best. Takes what would otherwise be a pretty mundane story and uses it to elevate the characters and it's world and delivers one of the show's best morals

2) Marks and Recreation - It was nice to see them add to both Rumble and second best Wonderbolt Thunderlane

3) A Rockhoof and a Hard Place - Gets a leg up for being the only episode to actually address one of the pillars after everyone has settled down

4) Over A Barrel - Some pretty memorable gags, the buffalo were pretty good, Braeburn and Little Strongheart are great. But the climax is dumb

5) Scare Master - Another Fluttershy is afraid of everything episode. By this point these were really played out

6) Dragon Quest - I don't hate this episode like most people do, but it made the dragons really unpleasant, not in a "scary and cruel" but in a "annoying and assholeinsh" way. To the point where they had to try to salvage them in future episodes

7) Every Little Thing She Does - Probably the nadir of Starlight's direction in S6, she could usually do whatever she wanted, including brainwashing, and get nothing more than a slap on the wrist, and the writers still wanted you to worship her

Haven't seen Daring Doubt but I already know what happens during the episode and I hate just about everything that happens, so if I did end up watching it it'll still probably show up at the bottom of the list

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Testing Testing 1,2,3 is one of the best episodes of the entire show and I love how each of the mane 6 get to shine in their own way.

A Rockhoof and a Hard Place is a close second for me, I enjoy how likeable Rockhoof is and it's nice to see how the pillars are adapting to their modern lives.

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Oh dear, I have some unpopular opinions with this group. To me this is probably a contender for the weakest batch yet, and the one I do like is an opinion I'll need to defend. 

  1. Dragon Quest - Yes, I know, but it's still got that early season charm and I still find this very funny. More than that, I really do like the whole idea that Spike has already found his place among the ponies. It's an early example of how the show simplifies its fantasy races to the point that it implies that ponies are "superior," but at the same time it makes sense that Spike would relate more to ponies than to dragons, because it was ponies who raised him. Also, Spike hanging out with dragon frat bros is just inherently funny. 
  2. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 - I find the dynamic between Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle here annoying for basically the same reason as that between Rarity and Applejack - their personalities have almost no overlap and they seem to bring the worst out of each other. But it also has the Rapping History of the Wonderbolts, the moral is very good, I generally love Rainbow's character arc, and the ending is clever and emotional. 
  3. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place - I find this kinda repetitive, but the classroom scenes are fun, Rockhoof is way more endearing than I expected, and it's got a strong idea. I think that idea deserved to be explored in more depth than this show is capable of - this show often bit off more than it could chew - but it also leads to the idea of Rockhoof voluntarily transforming himself into a statue, which is incredibly disturbing. I can't help but admire when this show finds such horrifying ways to avoid talking about death. 
  4. Daring Doubt - This one is especially predictable, and its continuity is a mess, but the moral is one of the show's more interesting and mature, and I kinda liked seeing Fluttershy as an adventurer. That also seems like a continuity error - I always thought that Fluttershy just sort of didn't like adventuring - but her thoughtfulness remains adorable. And the final action scene is fun. The moral is doing most of the heavy lifting for this one, though, which is unusual in this show for me. 
  5. Every Little Thing She Does - This episode is weird. I think it's kinda oblivious to how dark it is, as it seems to me like Starlight should be supervised at all times to make sure she doesn't do anything awful, and yet the show fixates on her insecurity instead of her warped moral code. And in general I don't find the jokes funny at all, not just because they creep me out but also because they're kinda hackneyed. And yet it's also so weird that I have a bit of a soft spot for it; even now I'm genuinely astonished that this show let one of its main characters look like a complete sociopath. I think that idea is a bad fit for such an optimistic show, but I admire the ambition. 
  6. Scare Master - I don't like how much this exaggerates Fluttershy's fears. I find it implausible what minor, innocent things she's afraid of, and I don't find that funny at all, though there are a lot of funny jokes in this otherwise, and I like how sensitive Fluttershy's friends are. In general, I like this Fluttershy episode the most when Fluttershy isn't in it, which is the problem, and I don't feel like she actually learns that much in this one. Still, it has its moments. 
  7. Marks and Recreation - I find this pretentious and boring. It's one of those late-season episodes that is very rigidly constructed to build up a moral, but is actually really simplistic and predictable, and doesn't actually have that many jokes. Of course Rumble is wrong; we're never given any reason to believe that he's right. Of course he's just projecting; we know he's wrong, so there must be some reason for that. This episode's plot is formulaic and uninspired, and yet it's so laser-focused on that plot that there's not much to enjoy here aside from good intentions. 
  8. Over a Barrel - I mean I do find parts of this funny, but reducing the history of American colonialism to food fights, with a moral about how everything would have been hunky-dory if only settlers and natives had compromised, is pretty dumb and kinda offensive. Plus, everything the mane six do here only makes the situation worse, and there isn't much character development to make up for that. I'm not sure what made the writers think they could pull this off. 
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1. Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3 – even though I doubt that you really can make every single person a good learner, I immensely enjoyed this episode. Great dynamic between RD and Twi, the clever solution, and of course Pinkie rapping – what an episode it was!
2. Scare Master – apart from great costumes and funny moments, this one stands out for me because I can relate to Fluttershy in this episode: if you don’t want to do something and you can avoid doing it, it’s totally OK not to do it, even if all your friends disagree with you.
3. Dragon Quest – when Spike realized he is more a pony than a dragon. Good times.
4. Every Little Thing She Does – many people don’t like that Starlight tries to solve all her problems with magic, but I’m OK with this. If it wasn’t so, we wouldn’t have episodes like this one.
5. Marks and Recreation – this episodes raised some cutie mark related questions that have should been addressed a long time ago.
6-8. Over a Barrel, A Rockhoof and a Hard Place, Daring Doubt – all decent episodes, but the characters in them scream “untapped potential”.

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First place must go to every little thing she does, I love this episode, the only problem is how op starlight is in the episode, more then usual even she showed spells that never were used again. This episode is glorious, I was not sure if I really liked starlight after she was reformed but this episode put my doubts to rest.

I also loved marks and recreations, it was entertaining and rumble was a nice opposition to the cmc, I just wished starlight was there too.

Rockhoofs episode was dark, and I loved it but it had its problems.

Testing 1 2 3 was a very nice episode as well, but the best thing by far from it was pinkies rap, it was amazing, exquisite. 

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  1. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3 (S4) - Best RD episode. I can relate to it on so many levels, having learning difficulties. This episode took that idea and just made it work like clockwork.
  2. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place (S8) - Outside Season 7, the show never really did much with the Pillars. This episode gave Rockhoof substance and made him more than just a gimmick for a season finale. One of the best episodes in Season 8.
  3. Scare Master (S5) - Good Fluttershy/Halloween episode.
  4. Over a Barrel (S1) - Classic episode. I don't think it's great, but has its moments and it's one of the most memorable episodes for me.
  5. Dragon Quest (S2) - I liked this one. It had charm and I like it for that reason.
  6. Marks and Recreation (S7)- This one was just fine.
  7. Daring Doubt (S9) - Like the one above, this is just fine. I don't think the redemption thing was necessary and kind of felt a bit like a slap in the face to some of the other Daring Do episodes.
  8. Every Little Thing She Does (S6) - One of the weakest Starlight episodes in my opinion. Had some alright moments, but that's all I'll give it.
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My list and I like them all :> Even if Pinkie's song in 'Over a Barrel' is also hard for me to listen to

  1. Testing Testing 1, 2, 3
  2. Scare Master
  3. Every Little Thing She Does
  4. Marks and Recreation
  5. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
  6. Daring Doubt
  7. Dragon Quest
  8. Over a Barrel
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