NaPoWriMo - National Pony Writing Month - Short Story Edition

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Wow, I think I just got a kind-of cohesive story in my head! Maybe Ill just start writing right now.

Expect some few anime references.

Does anypony know whether anime imags (screencaps prob) are allowed at fimfiction?


Also, the second theme is prob pretty fitting for me considering I did such stuff IRL myself already often.

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Guess which pony already has written 170 words, a plot summary of what to come and uses Germän lättörs randomly in between? :ooh:*


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I think I have a story that can work with the first prompt. Starring Celestia (I’m predictable) and one of the Mane Six (not telling).

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No, sorry, haven't started on writing because I'm too busy, 1, being an evacuee of a longer-than-anticipated power outage, and B, programming. If I cut back, so be it, but I really wanna write about Trixiebug...

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Right. So I've introduced myself in the plaza now I'm ready to get involved.

haven't started brainstorming yet but that's what today is for. I have the rough idea of the story just need some actual content and details.

Looks like I'll be doing the conversation one because I am nowhere the final season let alone the final episode.

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Well on the way. I have enough to finish a short little encounter with a stranger. I will see how far it goes.

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Oh snap, I'm late to the party!

I would love to participate in this event! I've never written a pony fan-fiction before but there's a first time for everything I suppose.

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I finished off the intro of mine right at 4k words. It's probably gonna end up as more of a novelette than a short story, but it should still be really easy to read in one sitting.

Although, I guess that's coming from a person who read Darkstalker in one sitting, and that book is 85k words.

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you'll have less time, i guess it'll be hard mode but you can still do it

On 11/11/2019 at 5:29 PM, MarkusTactician said:

Oh snap, I'm late to the party!

I would love to participate in this event! I've never written a pony fan-fiction before but there's a first time for everything I suppose.


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I have something complete. I'm not really satisfied. It seems like it should be more but I have other work I wanted to focus on. I uploaded it to FIMfiction. Do I link it here?

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@Jeric more than a little late, but in regards to the first prompt, does an alternate history and time travel fic taking place after TEOTE count towards the event?

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My usual tendency to draw out stories was definitely present and accounted for this time around, and I ended up with a full-fledged novella. I have some serious carving to do in the next few days to bring it down to a novelette's length.

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Three days. I might be able to do it, but I have a busy schedule for the rest of November and maybe early December. 


I just feel the urge to point out that NaPoWriMo actually exist. It just stands for a different thing, National Poem Writing Month (I joined it once, didn't do all of it though).

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Eh, stopped writing unfortunately early in the month.

So not sure i'll make it lol, maybe I'll submit the incomplete story or finish it later, I care less about the badge than doing something along with the community.


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So being the procrastinator that I am, I waited a week to actually do anything with my story, and now I don't really have time to cut down what I had, and I figured 20k words was too many for this submission. So, I decided to quickly throw together a little short story and spend some more time on the one I was originally going to submit here. That way I don't have to worry about making it shorter, and I can add a scene or two I had originally wanted to include, but had omitted for length's sake.

EDIT: Here's my story. It's submitted now, so anyone can view it. And yes, I promise this one is short, unlike the last one. It's only 1,600 words.

It's kind of on the edge of canon, but as far as I can tell, nothing in it really goes against canon. It also explains something for the story I was originally going to submit, but this story still stands on its own. If you've ever read the Wings of Fire Winglets books, it's kind of like a couple of those. It provides a bit of background, but if you don't read anything else in the series, it's still enjoyable and doesn't have any missing information or references or anything like that.

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The Guardian

Neon passed through the rusty iron gate, it was heavy but nopony seemed to care to close it anymore, a good thing too as he wouldn't have been able to push it for much longer
the chill had started taking it's toll and most of the trees had shed their leaves, everything in this garden was about to die, including him, but he didn't care, he didn't come here for pretty flowers,or the birds chirping in their ignorant bliss, he came here to think, to think of how things could have been, if only.. he stopped, something was different today.
 there was a set of little hoofprints impressed in the mud nopony else came here for the last five years, or was it six? could he dare to hope? or was he finally losing it? he hesitated, then let a sigh, he could see his breath, winter is closer than i thought, he whispered, i guess there's nothing more to lose he thought as he started trotting forward again
 the hoofprints were playful, he imagined her prancing around as he followed them, he half expected the apparition to talk to him, to tell him to go away and never come back, or maybe.. maybe she could forgive him and everything would be as it should have been.. there was a puddle on a crossroad, he couldn't see the trail anymore but he knew where it lead, without breaking his stride he took a turn to the left and sure enough there there were, those tiny marks from tiny hooves, he almost dreaded going further, the truth waited on the next corner he was sure of it, but was it the truth he wished to see? he had no choice but to go and find out.
 but before he took that turn, he heard a voice humming a tune he didn't recognize, this wasn't right, he was sure he could pick her voice out from among a thousand fillies, even after all these years, and this one was not hers, tears started forming in his tired eyes but he willed them away and took one more step, the heaviest one he'd ever taken as if to contrast that one he took so lightly that day without a second thought.


The Lady

Whisper has been watching the garden through her window for as long as she could remember, making stories in her head, it was her personal lush green labyrinth, complete with a scary guardian. he'd roam around it everyday without fail, ever since before she was born as her mother once told her, but she was a big girl now, her tenth birthday had passed and she was not scared, today was the day, she would go visit her labyrinth and thank him for protecting it, she knew where to find him of course, she'd seen the garden so many times from above that she had a map in her head, and he'd always end up on the same spot in the center by the big statue with the gargoyles
those were also guardians and helped scare the bad guys away, so she wasn't scared of them either. the sun hit the foot of her bed so she knew it was almost time, gliding down the stairs even though she knew she wasn't allowed to do it inside but she needed all the practice she could get if she was to fly soon, the other pegasi already started taking lessons, but her mom was not a pegasus so she had to wait for flight school, and that wasn't until spring, not today she said, today was a happy day and she wouldn't ruin it by thinking of that, she trotted for the door but her mom shouted from the other room "get your scarf it's cold outside, and don't go too far"
"i know i know" she replied, "only as far as you can hear my voice calling for dinner" she intoned trying to emulate her voice, seriously.. she was not a kid anymore, she knew these things "love you" was all her mother said and she grabbed the scarf and dashed out the door before her mother decided to make her wear that stupid old itchy sweater her aunt brought her for her birthday.
 once out, the wind took her by surprise, it was much colder than yesterday, so she quickly wrapped herself in that scarf, and almost turned back for that sweater aswel, but decided against it, she had to look regal for her subjects. before long, she was at the great gate, it looked so much bigger up close, everything was so different from the inside, it really was a labyrinth, but not for her, she met her first subject, Lightsong, an elegant unicorn bowing forever from atop her marble platform and she knew that meant she had to turn left, then she found that fountain that the little green birds liked to drink from in the spring, and then she met the stony guard, she had named him ser Rocky at first, but then changed it to Ser Granite once she learned that word, after asking him if everything is in order, she moved on to where the gargoyles are, she knew that's where the moving guard would be, she hadn't named that one, she wanted to ask him what his real name was. but he wasn't there, the sun had hit the little pegasus gargoyle so he should have been here, he always was, she decided to wait for him, she was so excited to finally meet her subjects in person that she started humming a lullaby that her mother used to sing for her, she wouldn't let her sing it anymore, she was a big girl now, but it was her treasure.


The Encounter

there she was, a precious little angel, playing and humming right there, where he so desperetly hoped to see another, he almost turned to leave, not wanting to disturb her, but she heard him and run towards him "there you are" she said, "i wondered when you'd show up, i wanted to thank you for protecting my labyrinth" she spoke as if she knew him, even though it was the first time they met, he decided to play along, "but of course, this place is very special to me" he replied, unconciously looking towards the statues
"where are your parents, you shouldn't be alone out here"
"i'm not a kid" she said, with a bit of hurt in her tone, "oh yes of course, sorry about that, what is your name miss?" "Whisper" she said in a voice that was anything but a whisper, "nice to meet you miss whisper.." before he could say anything else a shout came from one of the nearby houses "WHISPER! COME HERE DINNER'S READY" and with that his heart was put at ease, she wasn't lost, she just lived nearby, that would explain why she knew him too, "i have to go" she told him, "but i'll come here again tomorrow" she stated trotting away, but then she turned around and asked "what is your name?", "Neon" he replied and without thinking much of it, he added "Neon Glow, my little one lives here" he said, surprising himself that he actually said that outloud "do you think you could be her friend?" he pointed at the little pegasus between the centaur and the changeling, she didn't seem afraid of them like most of equestria was, she simply said "they're already my friends" and then dashed out of sight, tears started rolling through his eyes, she had a friend just like she always wanted


A New Friend

it started snowing the next morning but nothing could stop Whisper from going, she even put the itchy sweater on without complaining, but this time ser Neon was nowhere to be seen, nor was he there the next day or the day after, no matter how late she waited he didn't come, so she started playing with his little angel as he'd asked her, she owed him that much for his years of service, days became weeks, many moons had passed, the snows came and the snows went, she shared her secrets with her, how the others were already flying while she only glided, and how she'd sometimes wished she had a horn instead so she can do magic, or simple stuff like what she ate that day or a new game she learnt at school but after a while she begun to worry as she seemed to be having more and more cracks, and then one day when she came back from flight school, only the other gargoyles were there, "not you too" she whispered, staying true to her name for once "you were supposed to be there forever.." she started humming her precious lullaby as tears drowned her eyes, but then something knocked her to the ground, it took a moment, but she realised the cries didn't come from only from her anymore it was her friend, only she wasn't stone anymore, she was there for real, hugging her tightly and crying with her in what had now turnt into tears of joy, friendship really was magic, she needed no horn for it

here's my entry, i know there are punctuation problems, i intented to fix it but never got around to it, oh well

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Here is my submission for this event. Hope it's not too late.

I've never written a fanfic before and this is my first one ever. It's probably really bad. It sounds as if it was written by a primary school kid. Despite all this, I really wanted to try it, and it was fun to write this fanfic.

Hope y'all enjoy it!

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Well last month threw too many obstacles in my way to get anything done for this, but actually this month is going to be a lot easier to work around and a lot more planned out too.

So if this topic is still kept open (obviously not still pinned) and not locked at the end of this month I'll submit a story, not even for a badge since I didn't do it in the actual time limit but just to finally get this story written that I've wanted to write. :adorkable:

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Didn't manage to finish so far yet. But maybe you still find some enjoyment in this:


A stranger and another pony

"I really have to get this done today. The brokens chairs and the table at Sugarcube Corner really needs to get fixed before customers are leaving in frustration, are getting hurt or worse: complain about them!", the brown furred, mid-aged, pony without much of a mane named...REPAIRity whispered to himself while clopping along the street.
"And my plate at the head is getting worse too! - Maybe I should ask Cranky for one of his HAIR BACKUPS!?"



He trottled along until....BÄMMS!, he stumbled upon a pony sitting on street while he was lost in his thoughts himself.
"You are sitting in the way on the street", Repairity snorted in a *slightly* frustrated and impatient way. "You will need to be more careful about your environment", he lectured.
"Uh-huh, yeah I am sorry, OK? Can you ignore that accident please and just trot along?" , the other pony, a young stallion without a cutie mark but certainly at teenage age, replied without looking away from the ground he was staring at.
"I wonder what was up with him", he mumbled as he did so.

"So that should do it for now for the chairs", the head-plate pony explained. "I'll need other tools in order to fix the table, I have to get an ersatz wood plate from home in order to get it done."
"But please please, hurry up! No customer can eat from that table else we would have to sent them out if there is no other room! They will get mad at us and maybe they won't even visit or buy from us anymore becauseThereIsTotallyAnyOtherBakeryInTown! We will be in huge trouble if we miss on that!", Mrs. Cake squeaked in panic.
"I will just go straight my *stable*", he tried to calm her down.

And so he trotted. On the way home, he spotted the youth from before. So he decided to confront him:
"You still here, huh? Anything alright? Did you break a hoof or anything?", he asked pretty outspoken, as it was usual for him to talk, albeit it got him more often into trouble than he preferred it would.
"Eh, I am just kinda hungry. But at Crispy Carrot the cheapest snack is at 2 bits, and I don't even have one! Oh, and I don't know what to do with my time, or my life, for that feels I am not important to anypony, and my existence not making a difference at all.", he replied in the most depressive tone imaginable.
"Come on, I invite you to a crispy grass burger over here", Repairity said, leaving a baffled teenage pony behind with no chance to backtalk.
"Why the hay did you just do that and paid 2 bits for a pony you don't even know?", he asked confused while he was searching for words and was still baffled.
"Because I earn 10 bucks bits a day and it doesn't make a difference to my daily life if I have 4 or 7 at the end of the day still in my pockets. Oh, and it was 3 bits.", he calmly replied.
"Whe-wha-ho-THE HAY? That was like not what my question was about? :confusedface: Are you even serious? ._.", the younger one  shouted while wildly and furiously swinging his front hooves while sitting on the chair. He almost fell off from it.
"Be quiet and eat your burger."



There are some placeholders meant for anime or MLP images. If you don't like either don't open the spoilers in this

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I heard from a friend that the link I sent for the story wasn't working. If that is true, then I hope it would be okay for me to place the story in this topic thread. The story said it is still waiting for approval. It was my first time writing a story on Fimfiction, so I'm honestly not too sure how long it would take to gain approval. Sorry if there was any inconvenience.


"Starlight, star bright. Where's the pony I want to fight?!" A small ruffle.

"Ah. Just the headmare I want to see." A slight shift in movement.

"Wrong. I can hurt you!" A sharp inhale of breath.

"Stay still so I can blast you!" A slight shift in turning.

"Ugh! You'll pay for that!" A complete turn in the other direction.

"Now I'll have all eternity to take my revenge out on you!"

As they were being picked up and hauled away, the creature had quickly sat up and shouted in fright. That creature was a pale, light grayish heliotrope furred unicorn mare. That mare, was none other than Starlight Glimmer. She began to hyperventilate as the nightmare was still fresh in her mind. Starlight soon began to take deep, even breaths to try and get both her mind and her heart under control. She began to look around the darkened room, while taking notice that her blanket was wrapped around her like a cocoon. She quickly untangled herself from her blanket, before shaking her head to have her mane not become so dissolved. Taking one more deep breath, she sighed, before groaning and looking up at the ceiling of her room. "The same dream again." She spoke to nobody in the room, but herself.

It's been a few weeks since she had been having that very same dream. In that time, every creature in Equestria had banded together to stop what could be considered an unstoppable force. The villains, Tirek, Cozy Glow and Queen Chrysalis, had used the magic of Grogar's bell to reign chaos and disharmony upon Equestria. All hope had seemed lost as each villain took down any and all opposition that stood before them. It was thanks to every creature that joined in the fight, that Twilight, Spike, the mane 6 and every creature, that Equestria was safe from destruction. Not only that, but Twilight and Spike had finally finished packing their belongings. Leaving the Castle of Friendship behind to head to Canterlot. As Princess Celestia and Princess Luna had stepped down from their rule, it was now in Twilight's hooves as the new ruler of Equestria.

That still didn't explain why Starlight was having these nightmares ever since that day. They had defeated the villains and peace had been restored. She tried to rack her brain for any sort of explanation. Only for her to not think of a single reason as to why these nightmares were reoccurring. There would be times that the dreams would be the same events over and over. Other times, a different kind of event would happen, but the results were always the same. With a groan, Starlight laid her head back down on the pillow and tried to close her eyes. In hopes of being able to sleep once more. However, try as she might, Starlight was unable to fall back to sleep. Every time she closed her eyes, she would see Chrysalis's sinister smile and gaze piercing into her soul.

Seeing how sleeping was out of the question, Starlight sat back up and looked over towards her window. Through the glass, the moon was high in the sky. Accompanying it were stars that shimmered in the night. Without a second though, Starlight got out of her bed and made her way towards the door. She decided to go for a little walk, in hopes of being able to figure things out. As she made her way through the hallways, Starlight was accompanied by the echo that reverberated with each step she took. With each step she took, Starlight was constantly reminded that she was on her own. Twilight and Spike didn't live in this castle anymore, so the Castle of Friendship had technically belonged to her. It had been her home to stay at after Twilight had helped her to see another way. Sunburst and Trixie had made their stay here, but they were in some other room of the castle.

After carefully and quietly opening the front doors, Starlight had made her way down the steps to begin walking down the path towards town. She had considered stopping by Sugarcube Corner for a late night snack, but she figured that Pinkie Pie, along with the Cake family would be sound asleep. With it being the middle of the night, there wouldn't be much to do in what could only be described as a ghost town. As she continued to make her way towards town, Starlight stopped as she had thought she had seen a figure off in the distance. She blinked a couple times to make sure that she wasn't seeing things. Upon seeing that someone was outside this late at night, she started to make her way over towards the figure. Question upon question began to form in their mind. Who was the creature? Why were they out here so late at night?

It took a bit of time, but Starlight eventually made it over towards the figure's location. A small, yet wide hilltop of an open field. One that had grass that stretched out far and wide. The figure, who was sitting, had their back turned in front of Starlight. Upon closer inspection, Starlight was slightly surprised as she had recognized the creature. "D-Dynamo?" Hearing his name, the creature, now known as Dynamo, had turned towards the source of the voice. The blue unicorn, Dynamo Pad, had long, blue and black mane. A short blue and black tail, amber/orange eyes, a curved unicorn horn and a video game controller for a cutie mark. "Oh, Starlight!" He smiled, standing up slightly to walk towards her. "What are you doing out here?" Starlight smiled, shaking her head as she met him halfway. "I should be asking you the same thing. How long have you been out here for?"

Dynamo closed his eyes as he tried to think on Starlight's question. "Hmm...I'd say for a little while. I haven't been able to sleep, to be honest. So, I thought a walk around town would help me to become tired. As I walked, I saw the moon and thought it would be better to go stargazing. Too bad I forgot my telescope." He grinned, causing Starlight to giggle softly. "I guess great minds think alike. I was having trouble sleeping, myself. So, I thought a walk would be able to clear my mind. I thought about going to Sugarcube Corner, until I saw you."

"That's both interesting and unexpected. It seems we both have something on our minds. Would you like to talk about it? Come on. Let's take a seat." As he lead her over to where he had previously been sitting, Starlight began to panic slightly. She had felt a trickle of sweat travel down the side of her face at the mention of talking about what had been bothering her. "Well...I guess it's about being the new headmare for the school. The position still makes me feel a little nervous. So, I'm just worried about doing a good job." She lied, but it was more of a half truth. She was still nervous about being the new headmare of the school. However, she was just thankful to have Sunburst as the vice headstallion, while Trixie was the new school counselor. "I don't blame you. It's like me if I was a team leader for being a member of a video game team. I'm not the best when it comes to being a leader, but I at least try to give it my best shot." As he sat down, he looked over to Starlight, who had sat down a few inches away from him. Starlight, taking notice of his stare, tilted her head in slight confusion. "What?" Dynamo blushed slightly and looked away. Chuckling slightly with a sheepish smile. "Oh, it's nothing, really. When you mentioned that you were headmare, I was thinking that maybe you could wear a sort of dress. Sort of like dressing to impress the students that you are the true headmare, you know?"

"A dress, huh? I never really thought about that. It's something that I wouldn't mind trying now and again. If we are on the subject of changes, then I could see you wearing a ponytail. I think you would look nice with one. Plus, it would help in keeping your mane out of your eyes." She turned to Dynamo and snorted as a light breeze had obstructed Dynamo's vision. "Okay. Very funny. Although, I guess a ponytail wouldn't be all too bad. I don't have a particular mane style, but I could give it a chance." Dynamo smiled as there was a comfortable silence between the two. "I can't believe so much time had passed. With Twilight becoming the new leader of Equestria, you becoming the new headmare of the School of Friendship. It just feels like so much time has passed since I first moved her to Ponyville."

At the mention of Twilight's name, Starlight felt a twinge of jealousy in her heart at the mention of Twilight's name. While they all didn't hang out as often, she still saw Twilight, Spike and the rest of their friends as friends of her own. "Uh...y-yeah." Dynamo's ears perked as he turned towards Starlight, who's face was looking down towards the grassy terrain from underneath them. "Hey, Star? Is everything okay? I didn't say anything wrong, did I?" Starlight quickly looked up to meet Dynamo's worried gaze. "N-No. It's not like that. I-I guess I'm know." She started to mumble as Dynamo was having trouble with hearing? "What?" Starlight repeated what she had said, but it was still a low mumble. "Star? I'm sorry, but I'm not the best when it comes to hearing. Plus, you're mumbling a little bit. I can't help talk about it if I don't know the answer."

Closing her eyes to groan in slight frustration, Starlight began to slowly open her eyes. "Ugh, fine! I guess I'm feeling jealous okay?!" Dynamo blinked in surprise, trying to take in what had just been said to him. "Jealous? You, Starlight Glimmer, is jealous?" Starlight glanced towards the side, before giving a brief nod. "Yeah. I mean, everyone is jealous at one point or another, right?" Hearing that caused Dynamo to nod without a second thought. "Yeah, you're right. Jealousy can happen and it can get the better of us at times. I'm just surprised because you don't seem to be the jealousy type. Is there any reason as to why you're feeling this way?" Starlight opened her mouth to respond, but hesitated. "I...I just can't say. It's kind of embarrassing." She felt bad for saying that as the two had talked to each other all of the time. Whether they needed an opinion, advice, or just to talk in general. Both were like an open book for one another.

After a moment of thought, Dynamo smiled as an idea had come to mind. He soon shifted in his seat, until he and Starlight were sitting back to back from one another. "There we go. If you are feeling embarrassed, then we can sit and talk like this. It's just you and me, Star. There's no need to feel embarrassed or worried. I'm not one to judge." It was true. Starlight remembered telling Dynamo about her past and all the things she had done to get her revenge on Twilight. Even after explaining all of the horrible things that had happened, Dynamo still accepted her for who she was. With a heavy sigh, Starlight decided that there was probably no other way around it. "O-Okay. I guess I'm...sort of jealous over Twilight and her friends. They've saved Equestria countless times and they've always been able to either stop the villain, or save them from their own corruption." Dynamo had stayed quiet, but nodded as he remembered the many stories he had heard from the ponies in town. Stories that were focused on the deeds and actions from the wielders of the Elements of Harmony.

"I guess that's why I've...been having these sorts of nightmares." Starlight took a deep breath as she knew her nightmares would soon be brought up. "I've been having them ever since the defeat of Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow. At first, it was the same nightmare sequence over and over. As time went on, it's been changing into times where Chrysalis had attacked Trixie, Sunburst, you and even others. I don't know why these nightmares keep reoccurring, but they just do." Dynamo tried to think to see if these nightmares and Starlight's jealousy has some sort of connection between the two. "I think I might have a theory, but I could be wrong on this. You feel jealous of Twilight and the others because they've saved other villains in the past. You wanted to save Chrysalis, but she was set on getting her revenge."

Starlight pondered on the idea as two and two were being put together. "That does make a lot of sense on some things, but it still doesn't change the reason as to why I'm having nightmares." She responded, speaking her thoughts out loud. "Maybe these nightmares are happening because you feel some sort of regret? Tell me. What did you feel when you were trying to fight Chrysalis?" Starlight looked towards the stars as she tried to call back to that particular day. She could remember the harsh, chilly winds pushing against her. The cold temperature that could freeze anyone's heat to the core. It was as if it was just yesterday to the unicorn mare. "I felt adrenaline, fear, anger and sorry. I wanted to stop Chrysalis so she wouldn't cause any harm to anycreature." She paused as a feeling had made it's way into her heart.

"There were moments that I wanted to talk to Chrysalis. A chance to convince her that it wasn't too late. To show her that she could still change if she accepted help from others. However, the look in her eyes, the aura of hatred that she was giving off. It felt as if the Chrysalis I had met was practically gone. Standing right in front of me was a monster that was a threat to the school, my students and my friends. I just wanted to do what was right, but I wasn't sure if I had done the right thing." Dynamo turned slightly as he glanced at his friend. "I think you did the right thing. Chrysalis had to be stopped, or countless ponies and creatures could have been hurt." Starlight could only shake her head as she felt it wasn't the truth. "If that's the case, then I would have stopped her and made it back to the school. Instead, she got the jump on me and overpowered me."

"Be that as it may, I still say you were stronger than her. The Starlight I know is strong, smart, capable of taking care of herself and passionate. I would have said that you were underprepared for Chrysalis. From what you had told me, Discord told Twilight that the villains had Grogar's magic. Something that made them stronger than anycreature had ever imagined. No one could ever be prepared for everything, but at least you took the steps to prevent anything from happening." Starlight smiled softly at his kind words, but the memories still bothered her. "I think I'm starting to understand how it all started. This was back when I was still a counselor at Twilight's school."

Starlight closed her eyes and envisioned herself at her school counselor's desk, while sitting right across from Ocellus. The young changeling who sat on the couch and began transforming into different creatures. Starlight watched from the side of her desk, her chin resting in her hoof. Her eyes giving a deadpanned expression as she tried to help said student to the best of her ability.

"Oceullus. It's perfectly normal for a Changeling to struggle with identity issues, but..." She remembered being cut off as she head heard the voice of Silverstream from outside of her office door. Starlight soon faded back into reality as she began to open her eyes. "I understood that Changelings feel as if they have their own sort of identity crisis, but I didn't think it would be to that high level of a degree. I've even began to wonder if Chrysalis had gone through a similar struggle. I thought that maybe if I could have helped her, then she could have at least felt belonging with Thorax and the new hive. At the very least, be back with her kind and maybe have a friend."

Dynamo sighed as it was a lot to take in, but he felt he could understand where Starlight was coming from. "It seems like you regret in not being able to save Chrysalis. It all lead back to Ocellus, which had lead up to this." Starlight could only nod and softly sigh. "I've even asked Trixie and Sunburst about this, but they gave me their own ideas as to what's been going on. Even then, it still didn't add up." She remembered talking to her other friends a few days prior. With Trixie being the new student counselor, Starlight felt that Trixie could show her the way. It soon backfired as everyone was just glad that Tirek, Cozy Glow and Chrysalis were stopped and turned to stone. To Starlight, it made her worry if others would feel that way if she was banished or turned to stone. If she had remained a villain, that is.

"You know what? How about we go with the idea of comparing you to the other villains." Hearing this caused Starlight to raise her eyebrow in slight annoyance. "So, you're basically trying to compare me to a young filly, a centaur, who was hungry for power and a Changeling who manipulated love." Dynamo, while not being able to see Starlight, could still feel the raised eyebrow and tone in her voice. "What? No! I didn't mean it like that. I meant more along the lines of how you differ from each of them. Let's start off with Cozy Glow. She was a filly who from what I understood, wanted all the friends in the world and was prejudice against any non-ponies. It's sort of like how you were against the idea of cutie marks. When Sunburst moved away, you lost the only friend you had in Sire's Hollow. You were a young filly, so you might not have understood what had happened." He stopped to let his words sink in, before continuing.

"When you're at a young age and you see what had happened. If no parents are there to help explain what had happened, then it can leave the child to become very impressionable. While your dad treated you like a foal, he still tried to help you to feel safe. I would have said that Cozy could have had the chance to change, but I guess it's difficult to say now. Second, we'll go with Tirek. He tried to rule by gaining all of the magic from Earth, Unicorn and Pegasi ponies. You tried to do the same by getting rid of everypony's cutie marks and replacing them with equal signs." He knew that reminding Starlight of her past wasn't the best thing to say, but he knew there was meaning behind her past.

"In a way, I saw that as a defense mechanism. You said you were creating harmony and I don't think that was a wrong way of putting it. You were trying to help others to not go through what you once went through. Even though the results might not have turned out the way you were expecting, I still can understand where you were coming from. Last and certainly not least, we have Chrysalis. She tried to be a leader to steal love and to keep all of the love for herself. I remember when you said you were afraid to be a leader. In fear of going back to who you once were. However, you showed Chrysalis that a leader is to appreciate, respect and care for your subjects and friends. At the same time, showing them that their talents are important and that it makes them unique." Dynamo turned more in his seat and smiled at Starlight.

"What I'm trying to say is that we all can relate from one individual to the next. Even to our worst of enemies. However, we learn from those mistakes so that we don't go down the wrong path. That, or we can even show those same villains the error of their ways. It's how you were able to change and become who you are today. It's why I'm glad I met you and that you and I are friends, Star." Starlight's eyes widened slightly as his words began to sink in. She was surprised that Dynamo had taken bits and pieces of her past, but tried to show the bright side of things, or even a side that may not have been seen before. "I never really thought of it that way. When you put it that way, that does make a lot of sense." She smiled, feeling a slight relief being lifted off of her shoulders. "Thank you for telling me that Dynamo, but now I'm curious. Why were you out here all by yourself?"

Dynamo tensed slightly in his seat as he felt that Starlight might ask him at some point. He sighed, knowing that it was only fair. Due to Starlight, who had talked about her fears and worries. "I guess there's no getting past you, huh? Like you, I was having my own nightmares and regrets. The only difference was that my regret...was not being there for you." Upon hearing this, Starlight became puzzled. "Being there? What do you mean?" Taking a shaky breath, Dynamo decided to continue. "So much had been going on since that time. Everypony was in such a mass panic and started going towards different locations. Pegasi to Cloudsdale, Unicorns to Canterlot and Earth ponies to Ponyville. Some different pony races decided to stay in certain towns for their own reasons. After learning what was going on, I just knew I had to go find you and the others. I raced to the school as fast as I could. When I got there, Trixie had informed me of what was going on. I constantly grew worried when we didn't hear anything from you. When everycreature grouped up together for the final battle, I didn't see you anywhere."

Dynamo trembled slightly as he took a sharp intake of breath. "I had almost assumed the worst that you were defeated and that I lost you." Starlight shook her head as she knew that wasn't the case. "That's something that wouldn't happen. I know backup would have been good, but I wouldn't want to put anycreature into harms way." She turned to look at Dynamo, but gasped slightly as she saw tears cascading down his cheeks. "I-I know I'm not strong enough and that I'm still learning to do better in magic. I-I just wish that I was there to help back you up. I know I could have gotten in the way, but I would have fought with everything I had to make sure to save you. I lost my father before. I didn't want to lose anyone else who is dear to me." He closed his eyes as he felt embarrassed for crying in front of his friend. "Oh, Dynamo." Starlight felt guilty for her earlier assumptions, but she understood his feelings.

She had remembered the two of them talking to each other a few days, after Dynamo had lost his dad. She had felt so devastated that her friend was going through such hardships. "Dynamo. Please, look at me." She placed a hoof upon his shoulder, before said stallion slowly opened his eyes. "I understand how you feel. Even if you, Trixie, Sunburst and others were to help. It might not have made any difference. It's like you had told me before. Discord told Twilight everything about Grogar's bewitching bell. The magic that was stored in there was far more powerful than any of us could have imagined. Just know that you'd be there to help me really tells me that you're a true friend. You just need to remember that nothing ever lasts forever. Friendship, however, lasts a lifetime. From our talk tonight, I've learned that we shouldn't live with regret. That we should appreciate and be thankful for the things that we have in our lives."

Hearing this, Dynamo sniffed as he tried to use his hoof to wipe any stray tears away. "Now it's my turn to say that you're right. I remember you told me that while my father may be gone, his love and kindness will always live inside me. I don't know what might happen in the future, but I know I'd like to walk along that journey with my friends." Dynamo smiled as he turned to face Starlight's gaze. "Thank you, Starlight. From back then and to now, you've really helped me whenever I felt like I lost hope. You've easily shown me that hope can be broken, but hope is never lost forever. Ever since I met you, I've been really thankful to have you in my life. You've shown me that there's more than one way to find an answer, while also looking at different angles towards a problem. You're one of my best friends Starlight and I couldn't ask for anything better. Thank you, my friend."

Now it was Starlight's turn to nearly tear up. "You're welcome and I should be thanking you. I was feeling lost when having these nightmares. I didn't think that anypony would be able to help me in understanding, but I think I finally did. You've helped in showing me that there's always a brighter side to things. Even to when there are times where things aren't always what they appear to be. I'm grateful to have you in my live Dynamo. I know I have many friends like Trixie, Sunburst and Maud, but I'm thankful to know that you're a part of that circle of friends." Dynamo smiled as the two leaned over and pulled each other into a hug.

The hug lasted for only a moment, but for the two of them, it felt like it lasted a lifetime. It was as if all of their troubles had finally vanished. Leaving them with a clear conscious and a better understanding of the world around them. The two decided to still sit back to back for a little while longer to enjoy the evening sky. Both had shared a yawn and soon realized that it was still the middle of the night. After bidding their farewells, the two left the field to head to their respective homes. Hopefully to have a better sleep and to have a start to a better tomorrow and a bright and better future.


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I'm having the same issue as Dynamo Pad. I'll just post my story in this thread too.



A New Opportunity

Looking back at her old camp uniform, she tried to remember what is was like. The camp activities, diving into the lake, hanging out with other ponies, and of course, the song she sang in front of everypony with her best camp friend. It was a really memorable experience for her. But since she left, she felt as if something was missing from her life. She wanted more. The countless times she performed on stage, the many songs she sang, it just wasn’t enough for her.

Coloratura, at the moment, is just an ordinary performer in Manehattan, well known for her fabulous singing talents. She came to Manehattan a few years after she left Camp Friendship in order to become famous, but she didn’t feel like as she’d hoped. In fact, she was only well known in Manehattan. Outside the big city, she is merely treated as an ordinary pony. But she was determined to spread her music all across Equestria.

It was a typical morning in Manehattan, ponies getting ready for work, the galloping sound of hooves as ponies rush to get through the busy streets, and the loud chatter of the city dwellers. Coloratura decided to go to the local stage in the Manehattan park to do some performances. This is the same stage that the Method Mares perform on, and when it’s free, she liked to use it for her own performances. As usual, she would meet ponies that would greet her, some asking for a photo or an autograph.

“Look there, it’s that amazing Coloratura,” said a pony.

“Isn’t she the one who sang ‘Forever Friendships’ last week?” asked another pony.

“Yeah, she’s the one who sang that song, and she did it so beautifully,” replied the pony.

It makes her feel proud to hear ponies admiring her work and determines her to keep on performing for her audience. She likes to play an instrument while she sings, or sometimes get a band of friends. But this time, she was going alone: just herself and her guitar.

She continued to make her way to the stage, deciding on what she should play. Thinking of her uniform early this morning, she remembered the song she sang back at Camp Friendship, ‘Equestria, the Land I Love’. Yes, she thought, I’ll play that song today.

Once she reached the park stage, she set up her environment, and ponies were already gathering up in the park, knowing to expect an amazing performance from her.

“What is she going to sing today?” somepony asked, which is something she heard quite often.

As the park fell quiet, she began to play her guitar and sing.

“Equestria, the land I love,
A land of harmony.
Our flag does wave from high above,
For ponykind to see.

Equestria, a land of friends,
Where ponykind do roam.
They say true friendship never ends,
Equestria, my home.”

As she sang, tears started to form in her eyes, as everypony cheered and clapped their hooves. She remembered that feeling back in Camp Friendship, and playing the song again, she relived that memory. But then she came to a realisation: she missed her old friend, Applejack. She hasn’t seen her since she moved to Manehattan and is only keeping touch with her via letter. She hoped that one day she will be able to see her old filly-friend again.


It has been a few hours since her performance in the park. Coloratura is now back at her house, while also passing by some fans along the way back. In the meantime, she decided to write to Applejack about today’s performance.

Dear Applejack,

Today, I did something very special. Remember the song we wrote together while we were at Camp Friendship? Well, I decided to perform the song today, and everypony loved it. I haven’t played nor sung the song in ages, and playing it today reminded me of you. I really miss you old friend and I hope one day, I will be able to visit you in Ponyville.

From your best friend forever,

She decided to sign her name as Rara, which was the nickname that Applejack gave her while at Camp Friendship.

After she finished her letter to Applejack, she decided to go to the Manehattan Post and mail her letter. She had nothing else to do at the moment. She left her house and started her walk to the post.

As she strolled along, she met a number of fans, unsurprisingly. Some new, some old, but they loved her all the same. As she walked, she got distracted while feeling proud of her fans, and she accidentally bumped into a stallion. He had a white coat, light vermillion-coloured mane and dark tangelo eyes.

“Oh, I’m very sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to bump into you like that.” The stallion didn’t seem too pleased.

“For goodness sake, if you are in the big city, you have to at least have to watch where you’re going.”

“Again, I’m very sorry sir. Let me introduce myself. My name is Coloratura, a musi–“

“Wait,” making Coloratura pause momentarily. “You’re saying you’re that pony who performs on the stage in the park?” asked the stallion.

“Ummm, yes. That’s me,” replied Coloratura.

“Well, I’ve heard your name a number of times while on the streets of Manehattan. I was intrigued by how ponies say you’re one of the most talented ponies that had ever since, yet I have never heard of you before.”

“Well, you see, I just like to do my performances casually. It was just one day that I decided to take my guitar to the park and sing a tune, which apparently attracted a herd of ponies. They appreciated my singing and said they wanted more. So now I occasionally go to the park and play some songs I’ve composed myself. I’m not really as famous as Sapphire Shores or any of those other pony popstars.”

“I see. It’s obvious that you have some talent if you were able to catch the eye of these Manehattanites. Is there any chance I could witness the so-called talent that you have?” asked the stallion.

“To be honest, I’ve already did my performances this morning and haven’t actually planned on doing anymore. I’m just out here to deliver a letter.”

A frown came upon the stallion’s face. “Well, that’s disappointing.”

“If you come to the park tomorrow morning, I’ll most likely be playing my songs again, if that’s okay with you,” said Coloratura.

“Alright then,” replied the stallion. “Tomorrow it is then, then I shall see for myself this amazing talent that everypony has been talking about.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” said Coloratura, glad that the stallion forgotten about her bumping into him.

What a strange pony, she thought. I’ve never met anypony like him before.


Coloratura continued making her way to the Manehattan Post. Once she arrived, she trotted to the mailmare at the desk.

“Excuse me, may I please deliver this letter? It is addressed to Applejack in Sweet Apple Acres,” said Coloratura.

“Of course, no problem. Wait a minute, your voice sounds very familiar. Are you the same pony who sang ‘Forever Friendships’ last week?” asked the mailmare.

“Why, yes. That’s me,” replied Coloratura.

“I can’t believe I’m talking to you. I just have to say, I really love that song, plus the many others that you’ve sang in the past. They were all really good, but ‘Forever Friendships’ is my favourite,” said the mailmare excitedly.

“Thank you so much. I’m really happy to hear that,” said Coloratura in delight.

“May I please get your autograph?” asked the mailmare. She held out a flyer that showed a picture of Coloratura playing the piano on stage. Coloratura made the flyer and gave copies away to inform ponies of her performances in the Manehattan park.

“Of course,” replied Coloratura. The mailmare handed her a black marker as she quickly scribbled her signature on the flyer.

“Thanks so much!” said the mailmare gratefully. “Don’t you worry. I’ll make sure your letter arrives safe and sound.”

With that, Coloratura exited the Manehattan Post and began to head home. She thought about tomorrow’s performance, a little nervous as she wanted to please the stallion who she bumped into earlier.

“This must be my best performance ever,” she said to herself. “I’m going to sing all my best songs, including ‘Forever Friendships’. For some reason though, I don’t think this stallion is who I think he is.”


It is now next morning, and Coloratura got an early start and headed to the city park. The meeting with the stallion could not leave her head. She brought with her a number of instruments, including a keyboard and speakers. She was ready for today’s performance, yet she felt different compared to the other times she had been on stage. She practiced a lot last night, hoping to please the stallion who kept haunting her mind.

She got on stage and saw the crowed in front of her, including the stallion she met yesterday, though he didn’t look too satisfied.

Regardless, Coloratura sang with all hear heart, playing note after note on her instruments and singing word after word for every song she sang. When she sang ‘Forever Friendships’, her cutie mark glowed and sparkled as she sang. It was flawless. The ponies cheered loudly than ever before, and even the stallion she met had a surprised look on his face. Her performance was the best compared to any other, and she even noticed that the crowd, her audience, got much bigger. After a minute of rewarding and heart-warming applause, she headed offstage, to the back, where she saw the stallion waiting for her.

“I must say that was a truly magnificent performance. I can see why these Manehattanites think so highly of you. The praise must feel wonderful,’ said the stallion, complimenting her.

“I really had fun, and the applause from the audience was the best feeling I’ve ever had,” said Coloratura.

“Have you by any chance considered a path of fame and fortune?” asked the stallion.

“Yes, I have. It’s been a dream of mine to share my music with everypony across Equestria. To be known everywhere rather than just in this city. I want more than this. I enjoy what I’ve been doing, but I feel that there is more to my destiny.”

“It sounds like you need a manager. A pony who can help you rise to the ranks, to help you become famous, and spread the word of your talents to ponies everywhere. Lucky for you, I am one of them. I can help you fulfil your destiny and achieve your dreams. So, what do you say? Do you want to join me?”

Coloratura knew this was a life-changing opportunity. She had never thought that this pony would be a manager, and now he is offering her a path to glory and fame. A dream she’d never though would come true. She thought hard about this. She would leave her old life behind and start a new one. A life that she dreamed of. “Alright then. I accept your offer. Thank you very much for this opportunity. I cannot describe how excited I am.”

“Of course, there is work to be done if you want to be a star. You must work hard and do as I say, understand?”

“I understand, and again, thank you very much,” Coloratura replied.

“I promise you that you will get everything that you’ve ever wanted, and perhaps more.”

With that, the stallion began to walk off from backstage.

“Wait,” shouted Coloratura, to get the stallion’s attention just before he left. “I forgot to ask your name.”

The stallion turned around. “My name? Oh, how rude of me to forget to introduce myself. My sincerest apologies. They call me, Svengallop.”

He then left the stage, leaving Coloratura alone backstage. She knew that this was the next chapter, the beginning of her brand new life.


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