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Hello, everypony! :3

Future Allie Way

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Hi, everypony! I just arrived in Ponyville. My name is Fruit Punch, and I was born in Manehattan. jkjk XD But my pony name is actually Fruit Punch :-) I like to draw ponies, and for so, I use Adobe Illustrator and GIMP. Maybe I will start making custom ponies :lol: Meanwhile, I will post macros, comics, links, etc. and hopefully you will like them :)

A little question for you:

Who is your favorite background pony?

(e.g.: Octavia, DJ Pon-3, Derpy Hooves, Colgate, etc.)

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Welcome to ponyville! My favorite background ponies are Twilight Sky, Rising Star, and myself (I'm actually an OC) but on to the more important business.

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