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Original MLP:FiM 1st episode promos ??

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Well, i don't know if i made it clear in the title ( i think that i haven't lol) , but i mean things like this


If u see the promo , it talks about celestia being the only ruler in equestria , and the one being responsible of raising the moon /sun , because it appears this is a promo made by hasbro for the first episode (before the episode aired of course)

The thing is, someone has promos like this? Maybe of the hub making publicity of the show before his airing debut. The reason i do this is . if you see the promo , you can clearly see that THE PROMO WAS DEFINETELY AIMED FOR LITTLE GIRLS, in contrast of how they then changed their marketing to also appeal to bronies, etc

TLDR : Im curious to see more promos of the original debut lul

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