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Ask the Victory Legion

Rebel the Wolfgirl

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Greetings, members of MLP Forums. My name is Joe Carter, but you may call me...Infinite. I welcome you to the Fortress of Victory, located within Olympus Mons, the largest volcano on Mars. This is the home base of the Victory Legion, a group assembled from Earth's most notable heroes-

Uhhhh...sorry to cut your introduction speech short, Infinite, but can you cut to the chase already?  Me and the others want to get to the questions and answers already.

My apologies, Lettuce. Anyways, I invite all of you to ask us anything you'd like.

Within reason, of course.

Oh come on, Josie. We won't bite...except me, of course - if you ask nicely.~

Really, Eisheth? Really? Tone it down a bit, kids view this place!

Big talk coming from someone whose identity really is a kid, eh, Marvelous?

Ummm...please don't fight, you guys? Pretty please?

...Don't bother, Aquaria. They're not gonna listen.


Alrighty, then. As some of you might know, I've started diving into the world of writing superhero fiction. I've opened this ask thread partly to test run and refine these characters before I put them into prose.

Color code to tell who's who:

Infinite - Dark blue

Ishtar - purple

Lettuce - green

Infinigirl - Gold

Eisheth - Red

Marvelous - Orange

Aquaria - Light blue


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