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One day somewhere in Equestria, creature is going somewhere like they usually would, when suddenly hear a sound of falling rocks followed by what sounds like animal's cry of pain. When they go investigate, they will find ocean blue dragon, not much bigger than a pony (mostly just longer), seemingly different species to Equestria's own dragons, whimpering as it tries to move its wing and leg that have gotten stuck under a pile of rocks too big to be moved by the dragon itself. 

When they try to get close to the dragon to possibly help it, they will be met with rather hostile reaction, but it is clear that this hostility is most likely due to fear. It soon will become apparent that though this dragon can talk, it speaks an unknown language, and can't speak or understand any Equestrian language. How will the creature solve the situation, can they calm the dragon down enough to help it without using words? if they can, what happens next?



You are the creature, it doesn't need to be a pony, just something that lives in Equestria and can talk and such. 


That is the general plan of the RP, a smaller than usual (for its kind) dragon from far away land has arrived to Equestria from lands where it has only seen its own kind and prey, and where the survival of the fittest is in full action. It gets itself hurt and stuck, and your character comes to help. From there it goes like any other friendship/relationship, they interact and become closer, they learn from each other, etc.


i'm okay with romance, but it isn't necessary.


I don't have a sheet or picture for my character, but here's everything you need to know in advantage.

Height wise he/she is around the same as a pony, maybe a bit taller, but due to shape, they're longer than a pony.

He/she is ocean blue like stated, and for shape/build, this but blue and with shorter legs

He/she is carnivore

He/she doesn't speak or understand any Equestrian language, but is capable of learning it. 

Can breathe fire. 

Though he/she doesn't eat gems, they like anything that shines. 

That's all that comes to mind at the moment.


The location of where in Equestria this happens depends on your character, but if there isn't any canon forest or other terrain where my character could possibly get crushed by rocks, we make one up.


The canon characters exist in the RP, but they are NPCs at best. 


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